World’s Energy

Our Earth has given us Life. She allows us to Feel, Experience, Be.  We, as individual’s as well as a Collective Oneness, have the power to impact greatly our World, positively or negatively. Here, let’s focus on our Earth’s Wellness & Energy, as well as projects/missions that raise the Vibration of our World and fellow Existing Beings.

I) Earth Energy

II) Earth’s Vibration Raisers

III) Past, Present, Future Missions

Earth’s Energy

Every Living Organism is animated by Life Force Energy.
Earth, too, is Living. She breathes, feels, heals, and harnesses, radiates Energies. All ancient cultures of our world understood this. Thanks to modern science, we can now measure the electro-magnetic impulses of living beings (including Earth, moving & non-moving objects, rocks, atoms, etc..), and realize that everything around us is actually energy, alive in a way or another, Vibrating. Some places on our Earth have a stronger concentration of Energy, whether Earthy, Cosmic, Spiritual. These ”high-vibration” places, Vortexes, can give us renewed energy, balance, heal our magnetic energy, and let us tap into the power grid of our planet and Universe.

 Just like our human body has chakras (energetic centers), so does our Earth. Here, let’s delve into these energetic places. (important to note : varying sources may state slightly different locations, but these locations are where ley lines meet, and where energy can be felt by All. Also, Energy centers are prone to move, change depending on many factors such as Earth’s Spinal Axis, tectonic plates moving, etc.)

Energy Centers :

Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Australia

Mt. Shasta, California (USA)

Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia

Mt Fuji, Japan

Maui, Hawaii

Shaftesbury, Dorset & Glastonbury, Somerset, England

Mt. Sinai and Mt. Olives – Middle East

Mount Kailas, Himalayas

Major vortex :

Sedona, Arizona (Cathedral Rock – Feminine Vortex)

Pyramids, Egypt

All places on Earth are interconnected, so even though you are physically in your room, you can energetically connect to any place.

Earth’s Vibration Raisers

Earth, Nature is a Harmonious Balance between complementary polarities : Creation – Destruction, Light – Dark, Cold – Warm, Day – Night,.. Unfortunately, majority of us Humans consume, destroy more than we create. Thus, imbalance is it’s result. The positive thing to know, is that there are many humans, various projects that want and do the best for or World. Here, we will list some of them – Individually and collectively, we have the power s to bring back Harmony onto Earth.

Humanity. Our World. Life.
There are times, when I walk amongst strangers, unknown cities, mesmerizing – and – destroyed Nature – and wonder – as Living Beings on Earth, where are we headed?
What is the faith of our future? How will our children and all next generations of living beings Live? This topic on itself is deep and truly unpredictable. On one side, we have the probability of human annihilation. On the other, the possibility of a Harmonious Earth. I assume that most of us – the best, at least – truly want the best for our World, and want our children, grand children, fellow animals and plant, trees, to be able to Live in a World where Life is bliss and peaceful. So, what is stopping this from happening? Is it our lack of hope? Our lack of motivation to do what we know is good and right? 
Our World’s future, and all those yet unborn, depends on the choices of those living today. You and Me. The creations and destructions that happens now will ripple into Eternity. 
As an individual, as a collective, let’s choose Hope, let’s Believe in tomorrow’s great World, let’s do what we know is good and right in our Hearts. Let’s keep the flame of hope ignited, because the moment it vanishes, is the moment we set ourselves to doom. Yes, my Friend, it is true that we have lost balance. Most of us, me included, consume, destroy more, than we create. Destruction is part of life’s cycle, just as nature destroy herself, so do we. But, the real issue is the lack of creation. Dear ones, with today’s inventions, knowledge and creativity, we have the power and gift to create all to set ourselves back to Harmony. Although it may not seem like it, so many projects around our World are doing their best for sustainability, for creation, for Life to thrive. Brothers, Sisters, Together, let’s focus our energy and attention on those Life projects , let’s imagine, develop, create a World where fear is absent, and hope and joy an innate gift to All.

I hope this ever growing article sparks back hope into you, for, each and all of us have the gift of Love and the gift of Transformation.

Harmonious Earth : – is a Community of ‘Awakened’ Humans that strive to live in optimal ways for our Existence.
”Harmonious Earth is a network of communities that live in a new awakened, harmonious and joyous way. The communities are spread out in a network around the Earth so that the high vibrational energy reaches the whole planet and can be expanded more and more until the whole Earth is at a high vibration.”

Ecosia –
Searching with Ecosia is like searching with any other search engine, with one major difference. We use the profit we make from your searches to plant trees where they are needed most. ”

WaterAid –                              
Charity that helps people around our globe.
”WaterAid started in 1981 because no charity like us existed. And we’ll end when no charity like us is needed. In the meantime, we’re resolutely focused on ending poverty  and changing people’s lives for good through the three essentials of clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.We have reached 26 million people so far and we’re only just getting started.”

Landlife Company –            
”Restoring ecosystems and communities around the world”

Green Kayak, Copenhagen –
‘’The Green Kayak is a non-profit initiative and intends to reduce waste volumes in Copenhagen Harbor.’’

MrElliepooh –
Transforming elephant poo into re-usable items !  Acid-free, linen-like paper, marketed as Ellie Pooh paper, is made into art projects, notebooks, cards, and other exotic gifts.

People4Ocean –
 ‘’P4O founders spent two years leading a large-scale reef-restoration project implemented by the conservation NGO Nature Seychelles and funded by USAID and the United Nations Development Program. Since its implementation in 2010, the project has planted over 24,000 corals on the reef of Cousin Island in the Republic of Seychelles.’’

Bottleup –
Transforming glass waste into re-usable building blocks. ‘’This is the biggest step we have made so far towards giving large quantities of waste glass a new lease of life.’’

Marino Morikawa – Scientist cleaning up lakes thanks to organic nano technology.

Inspiring Countries, Governments.
*Costa Rica – 2018, all funds that used to go for military went for education, health and environmental projects.
*Iceland – Building power plants that run on energy of volcanic water

Please share with me anyone or any charities/organizations that you Feel are raising the Vibration of our World!

Sustainable Projects & Future :

Recycling Energy
Helping Nature – Reforestation
Helping Nature – Reforestation
Sustainable Future – Cities
Helping Nature – Ocean and Corals
Helping Nature
Off-Grid Homes

Movements of Hope

Nature as Medicine for us and our World

Effective Microorganism to Restore Harmony on Grounds, in Earth
Paani Foundation
Gaia – For Energy Knowledge and Wisdom

NasDaily –
Nas, an amazing Human , Creates uplifting videos – videos that make us Realize that there is so much going on in our beautiful World !

Favorite vids :

Collective Evolution –             
News, facts, tips on Life, Energy, Consciousness.
”Creating change through transforming consciousness.”

Yestheory –      
Group of young friends that bring the best out of everyone !

delivering med supplies Paris with papa

You, as an Individual.

Let’s Realize it. We are much more important that we think. Each one of us is unique, each one of us has many gifts, talents, ways to share and give to our World.

Example how you can help on a small scale, but with a big heart and intention : Whenever you go to a ‘developing’ country, put aside X $ (we can do wonders with 5$), buy blank notebooks, books, crayons, creativity material, solar/kinetic lamps, water filters, seeds, plants, trees to gift to ‘poor’ in needs villages and communities. All it takes is a certain amount of money, and a certain amount of time & energy. What I can assure you, is the emotional and great helping impact you have given/shared with them. The simple yet wondrous act of gifting a blank notebook with few crayons to a child, has enormous repercussions on his abilities to express creativity.

On a bigger scale, join reforestation, animal conservation, school building projects,.. (there are hundreds throughout our World, where you either have to pay to join or you can freely volunteer and help these projects and to Heal our Earth).

In your country, or in developing countries, Teach kids, persons with an handicap, what you can teach best, may it be English or dancing !

There are so many ways we, you, as individual’s are able to share our Love and Passions, to Heal & Empower those that needs it ! ” Be the Change you want to see in the World.” Gandhi.

My Missions


Srinagar, Kashmir : Give and Share ”creativity and education material” for the children that needs it.  Funded solitary & with help of family.


Offering Akil and his genius creativity the chance to sprout,  in Srinagar, Kashmir.


Amritsar, India :  Give and Share ”creativity and education material” for the children that needs it. Funded solitary & with help of family.


Helping out in english, with these two beautiful children in Amritsar, India

Sharing food, knowledge and amazing moments with the lovely Singh family, in Amritsar, India.



Sharing good vibrations with the amazing local children, Sri Lanka


Christchurch, New Zealand : Offer plants, flowers and raise overall vibration for Canterbury Refugee R&R


Offering plants, flowers and kind words to Canterbury Refugee Center, in Christchurch, New Zealand

30867713_10211952961521834_1782840115_o (1)

Offering local children of Bagan (Myanmar) the chance to draw and put into Life their infinite creativity potential.


In Australia, trying to figure out which beings/place really needs a Raise in Vibration.

Ideas for now :

Hospital :

Orphanage :

Center for Disabled  :

Center for Mental Illness :

Animal Shelter :


Africa :

{Botswana, Namibia priorities} –  Bring Water purification systems, filters,, medicine kits and education & creativity material to remote and needy villages. Build schools and refuge center for those that need.

{Middle East, Syria priority} – Offer medicine kits and plants to enliven a war-torn place

Asia :

America :

Europe :

Oceania :

One of my missions/ambitions in Life is to create/build places that accepts everyone, and shares with everyone who wants or needs.

This Energetic place will have a school (for those that want to Learn), a library (for those that want to have more knowledge, or simply, a good read), a laboratory (to test out the wonderful experiments that we humans have the chance to partake in), a workshop area (where people can share what they feel like sharing), farmlands (for food and Nature), animal shelter (for animals that need it). –  And, if possible, that it all works on renewable energy.

I know it may sound too good to be real. But is it really? I have lived and experienced amazing communities  and places in my Life, and, at the center of my Being, I Know I – We -, can create that.


Please feel free to share your thoughts about the beings/place you think need a Raise in Vibration. It could be anywhere in the World, for whomever or whatever you think needs it.

Also, if you feel like joining me for a mission, please contact me.