Raising Our Vibration – Self-Care

Simple Guides to Heal, Empower, Feel our self with small but effective Acts –

Raising our Vibration, makes us Feel more alive, in tune with who we Truly are as well as the Reality we live in. By raising our Energy, more synchronizations happen, we are drawn -and- attract the energies/people similar intentions. Also, our life purpose(s) gets clearer and we then naturally shift into this Heart-Brain-World-Universe coherence . By raising our Energy, we Heal, Empower, Feel our Inner & Outer World deeper, thus living our Full Potential.

Self-Care, is knowing what is good for us, and of course, consciously choosing to act in accordance to these in order to Live, Feel, Be the healthiest most energetic version of ourselves.

  • Walk Barefoot. Feel Earth with your skin. Invigorate your Energy and balance your Electro-magnetism with our Beautiful, Energetic Mama Earth. Be open to Earth’s Energy, allow it to Flow through your feet, up legs, pelvis, chest, arms, – all the way to the top of your head. Also, place both hands (ideally, all body parts !) on Earth. Feel Earth. Trust Earth.

  • Power of Mind – Use Visualizations, Imagination, Affirmations to Enhance your Conscious and Subconscious Mind ! MindMeditations

  • Going beyond Challenges – Yes, it is sometimes wise and easy to stay in our comfort zone, trying to avoid the harshness, lower situations of our World. But going beyond them, transmuting, learning, facing them can activate and unblock parts within us that are Truly Transcendental, Powerful.

  • Eat well – Skip processed, factory made food (big fast food chains, sweets, etc..) and prioritize Food that grew from Earth’s soil, with the help of our Suns Energy (Ideally, organic, pure and raw). Nutrition is one of keys to Wellbeing. Same for ”conventional” toothpaste containing many chemicals including high amounts of fluoride. Instead, create your own paste (super easy), create your own (many videos and tips online.)

  • Master your thoughts and Feelings. Try to Meditate at least once daily, set your own intentions and Heal, Empower, Feel yourself.

  • Purpose maintains our inner Flame, the Flame that feeds our motivation, our willpower, our desire to stay alive. Find your Purpose. Be your Purpose. Live your Purpose.

  • Move – Try to practice at least 15 minutes of body movements, everyday, so that all organs, tissues are rejuvenated with fresh blood and so that all nerves are stimulated. From push ups, to jogging, to dancing, there are so many movements to be felt, that are healing and empowering us.

  • Water, Oxygen and Sun are our purest, Sources of Energy. ——– Talk, to your water – (Why? Science proves that our intentions and electro-magnetism affect the molecules of water, for great or ill) So – be grateful of your Water (clean, pure, energized) , and drink plenty of it ! ——– Get your daily dose of Sun. Vitamins are essential for our wellbeing, and allowing our self, our skin to be in contact with sunlight, we naturally create Vitamin D. On top of that, remember – what makes most plants, Life grow on Earth? A combination of various elements, with Sunlight as a dominant one. ——- Breathe in ideal ways, ideally clean air. If you Live in a city, go to a park, hug, feel, breathe with a tree ! They love (to a certain extent) our carbon dioxide. And we Love their Oxygen ! Practice breathing techniques and find/create the one that you Feel makes you Feel amazing, your Ideal Self.

  • Connect with crystals. Once again, all that exists in our physical existence has their own frequency/vibration. Crystals, Minerals from Earth, have grown and developed though various means, and they all vibrate at frequencies that can attune us to Earth’s Frequency (grounding stones such as Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Lava Rock), or to Astral Frequency (Moldavite,..) whereas they come from meteorites from Space. – Of course, there are thousands of crystals, stones, all with unique amounts of minerals, atomic compositions. Feel and connect with the ones you Feel the most !

  • Rest – Take some time to rest physically, mentally, spiritually. Meditate, take naps, .. We rest/sleep for more than a quarter of our lifetime. Various factors determine the energy we will get from this rest. The position we sleep in is one of those factors. As we are all different, it is up to us which ways/position benefits us the most, but generally, our spine should be straight, slightly naturally curved, or in a sleeping/fetus position.

  • Express Creativity. We live in a World where logical reasoning dominates (most of) us. Creativity is one key factor to get to know ourselves, what lies in our conscious and subconscious. It is a way to Express our Feelings, emotions, a way to awaken the artist the we all are. A blank space has infinite ways to be Transformed into Art. Express your uniqueness through drawing, dancing, singing, .. Do what feels good and right !

  • Listen/Create Ideal, Healing, Empowering frequencies, sounds. Once again, as sounds are vibrations, they impact our inner and outer vibrations too. Pop-in your headphones and listen what makes you Feel ideal. Create sounds, through your voice, through instruments, sounds that make you Feel You, sounds that Heal, Empower you in any way !

  • Express your thoughts. Although not essential for survival, it is essential for self-expression and liberation. There are various ways to do so. Some people, friends, family members, will be open to hear you, with an open-heart. Others, not so much. Depending on what you express, if it’s going to make them feel good or bad ! If you’d rather not openly share your thoughts, it’s okay. One of the other ways is to write your thoughts and all that you feel like expressing. Write down what you love, what bothers you, your desires, your fears, what motivates you, what brings you down – what lies within your conscious and subconscious ! This can be revealing, healing and empowering. Record yourself, voice or video. Talk to yourself out loud/out low.

  • Smile. Yes ! The simple act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits our Health and Happiness. Whenever we smile, we activate and use specific muscles and neural pathways. Consciously and subconsciously, this smile links us to release well-being hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Thus, it enhances our feeling of well-being, reduces stress – and ultimately, has the potential to enhance our lifespan. Current research (and common sense) prove to us that a smile is indeed contagious to those open to it. On top of giving those around us a chance of smiling back and feeling good, Smiling makes us look relaxed, sincere, happy. Thanks to these, we can/will attract and uplift the right people. So, yes – Smiling, does change our internal and external experiences of Life for the better !

  • Gratitude, and Inner Smile. Do you want to be Alive? Or would you rather be dead? If you want to Live, and are Alive, than you should be Grateful of simply Living. Smile from your Heart and feel your energy opening up, your connection to the Universe and World getting harmonious.
  • Massage yourself – Whenever your hands or feet (or any part of your body !) are available, gently massage them. As all parts of our body are connected in a way or another, massaging one area can relieve tension in another ! Reflexology, Meridians can guide us deeper into this knowledge.

  • Hugs ! Yes, Hugging promotes the creation & release of ”feel-good” hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins. Whether it be a living being, such as your pet, friend, family, lover – or – a tree, a teddy bear, the effects will still be be healing & empowering, with slightly different results of course. Hugging Trees can ground us deeper with Earth Energy, while Hugging our Loved Ones can broaden our feelings of Heart Connection.

  • Sounds – Whenever sleeping, resting, studying, or when you Feel like – Listen to the right frequencies, sounds – only You know what is god for you ! However, modern science now proves that we can activate certain areas of our brain, release specific (well being) hormones through the power of sounds, binaural beats. Listen, Feel them 😉

  • By Giving, we receive. By healing, we get healed. By Empowering, we get empowered. Donate charity-wise with good intentions, open-heart, compliment your friends and family, strangers,.. By discovering the best in others, we discover the best in ourselves.

  • Sun-gazing, means gazing at our Sun during the safe hours (within first hour after sunrise or the last hour before sunset when the sun’s rays are most gentle, UV is zero or very less) to make sure no damage takes place. There are many, many benefits to this practice :
    Stimulates our Pineal Gland, enhances our cognitive functions. Boosts production of serotonin and melatonin (the feel-good hormones) while Increasing energy levels and opening energy pathways within us.

  • The most important one of course – Do, Feel your Passion ! What is your Talent? What activity sparks your Heart, makes you smile, alive, energetic? Doing, Feeling what we Love raises our vibration exponentially.

  • Self-Healing through Pleasure : In Today’s society, we tend to do what others do, blocking away our true Passions and Aspirations. Let’s move, do, express what brings Joy to Us !

  • Self-Massage/Tapping in Shower – Shower is a great way to Rejuvenate, Cleanse ourselves – Physically and Energetically. By tapping, massaging ourselves while in the shower, we release further tensions, toxins, low vibrations Energy !

  • Affirmations : Tell yourself your Beauty. Feel yourself Humble, Powerful, all the qualities you would like to embody.

  • Laugh – watch a funny movie, read funny jokes, go to comedies etc

  • Stimulate, enhance brain – read books, learn new things, languages.

  • Connect with Nature, Elements – We are Connected to All around us, all that Exists, and of course – all of Nature and it’s elements ! Let’s stare at the magic of a flame, let’s feel water, let’s ground with Earth, let’s liberate ourselves and Feel Air caressing us.

  • Spend time with those you Love. Know, Feel who are the ones that uplift you, give you Energy. Also, Know the ones that drain you, suck away your Energy. Once you know, it is your choice to connect, or avoid them !

  • Past and Future Experiences : Whenever you think, re-live your past or mentally create your future – Know what gives you motivation, what makes you Feel Good. And what drains you, what makes you Feel bad.
  • Past experiences : Are there any moments that you look back at and Feel give you Hope, Joy? Yes – Which ones? Opposingly, are there moments that make you regret, bring Fear to you? Yes – Which ones? let’s delve into them and try to grasp the deeper meaning, lesson, symbolism. By modifying our perception on these, we change the way we react to them.
  • Future experiences : Do you often visualize the future, what may come, what you Fear, what you Want to happen? Yes – which are the ones that you want to Live? Which are the ones you are trying to avoid?

Ultimately, Life is about Balance. Although it is wise to make healthy, healing & empowering choices, Life is also meant to be lied, enjoyed. From times to times, if you Truly Feel like, it can be extremely healing to Indulge, whether it be in food, or any other feel good elements. The key is simply to not abuse, not overdo of anything, to know our balance. That is why, one of my philosophy is :

”I do not have any restrictions – rather – I Live from my Heart, trying my best to be aware of all thoughts, actions, and consequences that my daily actions impact.”

We are all Unique. Let’s connect with ourSelf and listen, act what we know is best for us, no matter the judgement of others.

Share with us what you think raise’s our Energy !