Human Anatomy & Energy

Our Body is our Soul’s ‘vehicle’ to Experience, Feel, Be, Live on Earth, as a Human. Since Ancient Times, our Anatomy & Energy system has been deeply studied , in order to get to Know our self better, to Heal, Empower, and get a sense of our composition, physical and energetic. Thanks to modern Science, we can now understand deeper our Inner & Outer World, as well as Connect ‘Ancient Eastern’ with ‘Modern Western’ Knowledge. We can now measure and prove facts that constitute & animates us : we are electro-magnetic, energetic Beings composed of atoms, tissues, Life-force, and much more.

Human Anatomy

Cells are essential components of our body. A group of similar cells form tissues, organs, systems with distinct functions that support our human life. The human body comprises 12 distinct human body systems –

  • Cardiovascular : blood, Heart and vascular network. This system moves essentials, nutrients, blood, oxygen, and waste products through our body and assists with maintaining body temperature and pH levels.
  • Digestive : Stomach, esophagus, intestines, gallbladder, liver, mouth, pancreas and salivary glands. These organs work together to process nutrients, water and absorb their energy.
  • Endocrine : Adrenals, ovaries, pineal, pituitary, testes and thyroid. These glands work together to send hormonal messages through our body thus having a great impact on our well-being.
  • Immune : Spleen, adenoids, leukocytes, thymus and tonsils. Its intention is to protect us against pathogens and diseases.
  • Integumentary : Hair, nails and skin. They act as a barrier between our Inner Body our the Outer World. Protects our tissues, organs from outside influences & infiltration by microorganisms. They also keep the fluids inside our body and helps maintain body temperature.
  • Lymphatic : Lymph, lymph nodes and lymph vessels. This system defends our body against infections and diseases, while moving lymph between blood and tissues.
  • Muscular : Cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles that enable our body to move, as well as offering support and heat generation.
  • Nervous : Brain, nerves, sensory organs and spinal cord. As a unit, it gathers and utilizes information, and controls short-term modifications in other systems.
  • Reproductive : Fallopian tubes, ovaries, penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, uterus, vagina and vas deferens. This system creates and balances gametes and sex hormones that enable humans to reproduce.
  • Respiratory : Lungs, bronchi, diaphragm, mouth, nose and throat. This system manages breathing, transporting air to nourish our cells and energy.
  • Skeletal : Bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Its functions include supporting our body, protecting soft tissues, enabling movement and creating new cells.
  • Urinary : Bladder, kidneys, urethra and ureters. Its purpose is to remove waste products and excess water from our body.
Veins throughout Body

Human Energy

More and more Humans are awakening to a Truth we all Feel within : we are much more than simply flesh and bones. Consciousness, Energy animates us, whether we can measure it or not. Throughout the ages, many cultures around our World have delved into this Energetic, Sacred, yet Fundamental Knowledge of Life.

Different words, same Energy – around our World : Qi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Gi (Korean), Mana (Hawaiian), Prana (Sanskrit), Spiritus (Latin), Ka (Egyptian), Pneuma (Greek), Ruach (Hebrew), Life Energy (English).

So, what is “Life energy?” It is a vital force that permeates All that Exists, from the smallest atom – to us Humans – to the greatest Galaxies. Since the dawn of time, since Consciousness was able to be expressed through various means (words, drawings, movements, rituals, ..), cultures have expressed their thinking of that Life Energy, which then formed the fundamentals of spirituality, medicine, healing, and Life itself.

Now that we can look back at many Ancient culture’s knowledge, and access scientific, Modern knowledge, let’s dive deeper into Life, let’s learn our Fundamentals, Energy.

Humans Energy Centers

Human Chakras

The Human Chakra system comprises of 114 chakras. 2 are outside the physical body. 4 flower as a consequence. 108 can be worked upon.

There are 7 main chakras in the physical human body :

Muladara – Root Chakra – survival, primal needs, grounding. Location is between the anus and genitals, at the base of our spine. Related organs : bones, skeletal structure, coccygeal nerve plexus, adrenal glands. / Saturn is the ruling planet. / Sense organ : nose action organ : feet / predominant sense : smell.

Element is Earth. Attraction/Smell    sound : LAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Feel and Breath Energy and Visualize Red Energy flowing, spinning around our butt, sexual organ, lower spine.
  • Walk barefoot – ideally, on grass, minerals, earth.
  • While being barefoot, ask someone to stand barefoot on our feet.
  • See our self as a light beaming connecting us to the center, the core of Earth.
  • Practice tapping/massaging our lower body, legs, feet.
  • Connect the tips of our thumb and index fingers.
  • While focusing on our root location, chant the sound LAM and feel the vibrations balancing our Muladara.

Swadhisthana – Sacral Chakra : creativity, development of self, nurture, love & sweetness.

Location : lower abdomen, between navel and genitals.

Related organs : sexual organs, bladder, prostate, womb, sacral nerve plexus, kidneys.

Pluto is the ruling planet. / Sense organ : tongue / action organs : hands / predominant sense : taste

Attraction/taste      Element is Water     Sound : VAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Practice, Feel Movements that energizes our pelvis, belly.
  • Talk about sex with empowering (yet humble) intentions.
  • Connect our palms above-below each other, facing up, in front (or behind) us, at the same level as our sacral, and focus on our inner chakra point, while chanting the sound VAM. Feel the vibrations resonate within our Swadhisthana.

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra : manages organs, digestive process, personal power, balance.

Related organs : digestive system, muscles, immune & nervous system.

Sense organ : eyes / Predominant sense : Vision / action organ : Anus /Sun is the ruling cosmic body.   Element : Fire        Sound : RAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Put ourself in a situation that brings fear in us – and with our courage, willingness, power, do the thing that we fear.
  • Fight air, punch things (pillow preferably)
  • Release tension, Empower ourself, Scream as loud as we can (underwater or where there won’t be any big impact human or nature wise)
  • Laugh
  • Put our hands in a pyramid/triangle position, at the level of your solar plexus, facing outwards and chant the sound RAM while feeling vibrations balance our Manipura.

Anahata – Heart Chakra : Love, compassion, understanding, relationships, oneness and synchronization with Universe.

Location : Center of the chest, Heart.

Related Organs : cardiac nerves, respiratory system, thymus gland.

Sense organ : skin   /  action organ : sexual organ   / predominant sense : touch

Venus is ruling planet

Element is Air     sound : YAM

How to balance/enhance this chakra :

  • Feel, understand and Realize the chance we have to be Alive, all our life experiences that brought us to who and what we are today.
  • Feel Gratitude and Love
  • Cry with releasing intentions
  • Place our hands in front of our Heart chakra, prayer position, and voice out YAM and feel the vibrations balance and energize our Anahata.
  • Realize, see our self in others, and others in our self. Inter-connectedness.

Vishuddha – Throat Chakra :  communication, self-expression, Higher wisdom.

Location : throat area

Related organs : vocal cords, mouth, throat, ears, thyroid and parathyroid gland.

Sense organ : ears   / predominant sense : hearing  / action organ : mouth

Jupiter is the ruling planet.

Element : Ether    Sound : HAM

How to balance/enhance this chakra :

  • Ask questions, express what we feel to, by voice, creativity, ..
  • Sing, chant. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
  • Engage in playful activities
  • Intertwine our opposite fingers , place your hands in front of our throat and chant HAM while feeling the vibrations balance our Vishuddha

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra : perception, self-realization, disolve and understand dualities.

Location : above and between eyebrows.

Related organs : medulla plexus, eyes, pituitary gland.

Action organ : neutral/mind   / predominant sense : neutral/mind  sense organ : neutral/mind

Pisces is ruling cosmic body.      Element is Light      Sound: OM

How to balance/enhance your Third Eye Chakra :

  • Sleep under the stars and connect with them.
  • Visualize planets, galaxies, stars, mandalas, sacred geometry
  • Practice Tatraka Meditation
  • Visualize indigo Light flowing and energizing our third eye.
  • Sun-gaze the first and last 30 minutes of sunlight.
  • Put our hands and fingers in a binocular/glasses style mode -infinity, horizontal 8 ; better if each fingertip from each hand must be touching the other fingertip on your other hand  – and place them in front of our third eye chakra, chant the sound OM and feel the vibration harmonizing our Ajna.

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra : Spirituality, Connection to Divine.

Location : Top/Atop our head.

Related organs : Upper skull, cerebral cortex, pineal gland.

Ketu is cosmic body.

Action organ : pineal gland

Sound : Emptiness – or breathing sound

How to enhance & harmonize  our crown chakra :

  • Meditate with this intention.
  • Connect to higher beings, our higher self, angels, spirit guardians, stars.
  • Visualize and feel light entering through the top of our head.
  • Place our hands in  a praying position (both palms fingers hands connected to each other ) and place them on top of our head, and be still, empty, breathing. Feel the vibration harmonize our Sahasrara.


 Comes from the Sanskrit word Kundal – which means ‘spiral’ or ‘coil’.

It is an Energy that we all have as humans, that lies ‘dormant’ at the base of our spine, until we consciously or unconsciously activate it.

A Kundalini activation is when both our internal male and female energies merge and unify, from our first chakra – Muladara, Root, base of our spine – to our seventh chakra – Sahasrara, Crown, top of our head – while activating all the chakras, nadis, koshas, subtle energy bodies within us.

It is a unifying force that connects us deeper with all Energies, Earth, Spirit, Elements, .. as well as enhance our energetic ‘powers’.


Lung meridian / Large intestine meridian /   / Stomach meridian / Spleen meridian / Heart meridian / small intestine meridian / bladder meridian / Kidney meridian / pericardium meridian / Triple warmer meridian / gallbladder meridian / Liver meridian / Conception Vessel Meridian / Governor Vessel meridian / Head meridians

Heal and Empower

Through meditations, movements and intentions, we can naturally unblock, enhance all aspects of our Energy.

This link to these.

Human facts

  • Our Body us a Universe within itself – The average human is constituted of trillions of cells, – and each cell is composed of trillion of atoms, each, impacted by our inner & outer vibrations, thoughts, atmosphere, ..
  • Our blood is composed of gold (trace amounts, but still counts 😉 .)
  • Average human vision can view millions of colors, yet, the spectrum of Existence goes beyond these colors ! In terms of wavelength, average human eye can sense 400 nm — 700 nm. Gamma rays are less than 0.01nm, while infrared are on average 850 nm. Naturally, there is much more than we can’t see with our human eyes, but that nonetheless exists in our reality.
  • Human tears, at the cellular level, look different depending on the emotional state/ intentions we felt while unleashing the tears. – look Chapter on water (+ Masaru Emoto) –
  • Human brain is connected to our gut. Every Human has a symbiotic relationship with microbes living inside. Highest concentration of microbes is in the gut -and- gut bacteria produces around 92% of serotonin – which is the key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood – thus, our gut greatly impacts our mood !
  • The emotional state vibration that we emit, similarly corresponds to the vibration that an element emits. Eg : Irritation = Mercury —– Anger = Lead —- Sorrow = Sadness —–  Stress = Zinc , …
  • Our Energy -whether physical or spiritual- impacts our Inner and Outer World, our environment and Universe.

The Power, Love of our Heart

Our Heart emits electromagnetic fields that changes according to our emotions. Our Heart is 500 times electrically stronger than our brain and up to 5000 times magnetically stronger.

Our heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from our body , and the electromagnetic signal produced by our heart impacts living energies in the surroundings.

Our Heart is intelligent – it is composed of systems of neurons that have both short and long term memory.

Signals sent to our brain by our Heart neurons affects our emotions.


Massage, feel these points. All points of our body are interconnected. Having pain somewhere can have a rot cause somewhere else.

While you massage yourself (or if someones else massages you), try to feel the point and pathways being unblocked. Example : When you massage the ”brain” part of your hand, visualize and feel energy, electricity passing from your hand through your body parts and flowing through your brain.

Hand reflexology
Feet Reflexology

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