Human Anatomy & Energy

Our Body is our Soul’s ‘vehicle’ to Experience, Feel, Be, Live on Earth, as a Human. Since Ancient Times, our Anatomy & Energy system has been deeply studied , in order to get to Know our self better, to Heal, Empower, and get a sense of our composition, physical and energetic. Thanks to modern Science, we can now understand deeper our Inner & Outer World, as well as Connect ‘Ancient Eastern’ with ‘Modern Western’ Knowledge. We can now measure and prove facts that constitute & animates us : we are electro-magnetic, energetic Beings composed of atoms, tissues, Life-force, and much more.

Human Anatomy

Cells are essential components of our body. A group of similar cells form tissues, organs, systems with distinct functions that support our human life. The human body comprises 12 distinct human body systems –

  • Cardiovascular : blood, Heart and vascular network. This system moves essentials, nutrients, blood, oxygen, and waste products through our body and assists with maintaining body temperature and pH levels.
  • Digestive : Stomach, esophagus, intestines, gallbladder, liver, mouth, pancreas and salivary glands. These organs work together to process nutrients, water and absorb their energy.
  • Endocrine : Adrenals, ovaries, pineal, pituitary, testes and thyroid. These glands work together to send hormonal messages through our body thus having a great impact on our well-being.
  • Immune : Spleen, adenoids, leukocytes, thymus and tonsils. Its intention is to protect us against pathogens and diseases.
  • Integumentary : Hair, nails and skin. They act as a barrier between our Inner Body our the Outer World. Protects our tissues, organs from outside influences & infiltration by microorganisms. They also keep the fluids inside our body and helps maintain body temperature.
  • Lymphatic : Lymph, lymph nodes and lymph vessels. This system defends our body against infections and diseases, while moving lymph between blood and tissues.
  • Muscular : Cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles that enable our body to move, as well as offering support and heat generation.
  • Nervous : Brain, nerves, sensory organs and spinal cord. As a unit, it gathers and utilizes information, and controls short-term modifications in other systems.
  • Reproductive : Fallopian tubes, ovaries, penis, prostate, seminal vesicles, testes, uterus, vagina and vas deferens. This system creates and balances gametes and sex hormones that enable humans to reproduce.
  • Respiratory : Lungs, bronchi, diaphragm, mouth, nose and throat. This system manages breathing, transporting air to nourish our cells and energy.
  • Skeletal : Bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. Its functions include supporting our body, protecting soft tissues, enabling movement and creating new cells.
  • Urinary : Bladder, kidneys, urethra and ureters. Its purpose is to remove waste products and excess water from our body.
Veins throughout Body

Human Energy

More and more Humans are awakening to a Truth we all Feel within : we are much more than simply flesh and bones. Consciousness, Energy animates us, whether we can measure it or not. Throughout the ages, many cultures around our World have delved into this Energetic, Sacred, yet Fundamental Knowledge of Life.

Different words, same Energy – around our World : Qi (Chinese), Ki (Japanese), Gi (Korean), Mana (Hawaiian), Prana (Sanskrit), Spiritus (Latin), Ka (Egyptian), Pneuma (Greek), Ruach (Hebrew), Life Energy (English).

So, what is “Life energy?” It is a vital force that permeates All that Exists, from the smallest atom – to us Humans – to the greatest Galaxies. Since the dawn of time, since Consciousness was able to be expressed through various means (words, drawings, movements, rituals, ..), cultures have expressed their thinking of that Life Energy, which then formed the fundamentals of spirituality, medicine, healing, and Life itself.

Now that we can look back at many Ancient culture’s knowledge, and access scientific, Modern knowledge, let’s dive deeper into Life, let’s learn our Fundamentals, Energy.

Humans Energy Centers

Human Chakras

The Human Chakra system comprises of 114 chakras. 2 are outside the physical body. 4 flower as a consequence. 108 can be worked upon.

There are 7 main chakras in the physical human body :

Muladara – Root Chakra – survival, primal needs, grounding. Location is between the anus and genitals, at the base of our spine. Related organs : bones, skeletal structure, coccygeal nerve plexus, adrenal glands. / Saturn is the ruling planet. / Sense organ : nose action organ : feet / predominant sense : smell.

Element is Earth. Attraction/Smell    sound : LAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Feel and Breath Energy and Visualize Red Energy flowing, spinning around our butt, sexual organ, lower spine.
  • Walk barefoot – ideally, on grass, minerals, earth.
  • While being barefoot, ask someone to stand barefoot on our feet.
  • See our self as a light beaming connecting us to the center, the core of Earth.
  • Practice tapping/massaging our lower body, legs, feet.
  • Connect the tips of our thumb and index fingers.
  • While focusing on our root location, chant the sound LAM and feel the vibrations balancing our Muladara.

Swadhisthana – Sacral Chakra : creativity, development of self, nurture, love & sweetness.

Location : lower abdomen, between navel and genitals.

Related organs : sexual organs, bladder, prostate, womb, sacral nerve plexus, kidneys.

Pluto is the ruling planet. / Sense organ : tongue / action organs : hands / predominant sense : taste

Attraction/taste      Element is Water     Sound : VAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Practice, Feel Movements that energizes our pelvis, belly.
  • Talk about sex with empowering (yet humble) intentions.
  • Connect our palms above-below each other, facing up, in front (or behind) us, at the same level as our sacral, and focus on our inner chakra point, while chanting the sound VAM. Feel the vibrations resonate within our Swadhisthana.

Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra : manages organs, digestive process, personal power, balance.

Related organs : digestive system, muscles, immune & nervous system.

Sense organ : eyes / Predominant sense : Vision / action organ : Anus /Sun is the ruling cosmic body.   Element : Fire        Sound : RAM

How to enhance/balance this chakra :

  • Put ourself in a situation that brings fear in us – and with our courage, willingness, power, do the thing that we fear.
  • Fight air, punch things (pillow preferably)
  • Release tension, Empower ourself, Scream as loud as we can (underwater or where there won’t be any big impact human or nature wise)
  • Laugh
  • Put our hands in a pyramid/triangle position, at the level of your solar plexus, facing outwards and chant the sound RAM while feeling vibrations balance our Manipura.

Anahata – Heart Chakra : Love, compassion, understanding, relationships, oneness and synchronization with Universe.

Location : Center of the chest, Heart.

Related Organs : cardiac nerves, respiratory system, thymus gland.

Sense organ : skin   /  action organ : sexual organ   / predominant sense : touch

Venus is ruling planet

Element is Air     sound : YAM

How to balance/enhance this chakra :

  • Feel, understand and Realize the chance we have to be Alive, all our life experiences that brought us to who and what we are today.
  • Feel Gratitude and Love
  • Cry with releasing intentions
  • Place our hands in front of our Heart chakra, prayer position, and voice out YAM and feel the vibrations balance and energize our Anahata.
  • Realize, see our self in others, and others in our self. Inter-connectedness.

Vishuddha – Throat Chakra :  communication, self-expression, Higher wisdom.

Location : throat area

Related organs : vocal cords, mouth, throat, ears, thyroid and parathyroid gland.

Sense organ : ears   / predominant sense : hearing  / action organ : mouth

Jupiter is the ruling planet.

Element : Ether    Sound : HAM

How to balance/enhance this chakra :

  • Ask questions, express what we feel to, by voice, creativity, ..
  • Sing, chant. Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si Do Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum
  • Engage in playful activities
  • Intertwine our opposite fingers , place your hands in front of our throat and chant HAM while feeling the vibrations balance our Vishuddha

Ajna – Third Eye Chakra : perception, self-realization, disolve and understand dualities.

Location : above and between eyebrows.

Related organs : medulla plexus, eyes, pituitary gland.

Action organ : neutral/mind   / predominant sense : neutral/mind  sense organ : neutral/mind

Pisces is ruling cosmic body.      Element is Light      Sound: OM

How to balance/enhance your Third Eye Chakra :

  • Sleep under the stars and connect with them.
  • Visualize planets, galaxies, stars, mandalas, sacred geometry
  • Practice Tatraka Meditation
  • Visualize indigo Light flowing and energizing our third eye.
  • Sun-gaze the first and last 30 minutes of sunlight.
  • Put our hands and fingers in a binocular/glasses style mode -infinity, horizontal 8 ; better if each fingertip from each hand must be touching the other fingertip on your other hand  – and place them in front of our third eye chakra, chant the sound OM and feel the vibration harmonizing our Ajna.

Sahasrara – Crown Chakra : Spirituality, Connection to Divine.

Location : Top/Atop our head.

Related organs : Upper skull, cerebral cortex, pineal gland.

Ketu is cosmic body.

Action organ : pineal gland

Sound : Emptiness – or breathing sound

How to enhance & harmonize  our crown chakra :

  • Meditate with this intention.
  • Connect to higher beings, our higher self, angels, spirit guardians, stars.
  • Visualize and feel light entering through the top of our head.
  • Place our hands in  a praying position (both palms fingers hands connected to each other ) and place them on top of our head, and be still, empty, breathing. Feel the vibration harmonize our Sahasrara.


 Comes from the Sanskrit word Kundal – which means ‘spiral’ or ‘coil’.

It is an Energy that we all have as humans, that lies ‘dormant’ at the base of our spine, until we consciously or unconsciously activate it.

A Kundalini activation is when both our internal male and female energies merge and unify, from our first chakra – Muladara, Root, base of our spine – to our seventh chakra – Sahasrara, Crown, top of our head – while activating all the chakras, nadis, koshas, subtle energy bodies within us.

It is a unifying force that connects us deeper with all Energies, Earth, Spirit, Elements, .. as well as enhance our energetic ‘powers’.


Lung meridian / Large intestine meridian /   / Stomach meridian / Spleen meridian / Heart meridian / small intestine meridian / bladder meridian / Kidney meridian / pericardium meridian / Triple warmer meridian / gallbladder meridian / Liver meridian / Conception Vessel Meridian / Governor Vessel meridian / Head meridians

Heal and Empower

Through meditations, movements and intentions, we can naturally unblock, enhance all aspects of our Energy.

This link to these.

Human facts

  • Our Body us a Universe within itself – The average human is constituted of trillions of cells, – and each cell is composed of trillion of atoms, each, impacted by our inner & outer vibrations, thoughts, atmosphere, ..
  • Our blood is composed of gold (trace amounts, but still counts 😉 .)
  • Average human vision can view millions of colors, yet, the spectrum of Existence goes beyond these colors ! In terms of wavelength, average human eye can sense 400 nm — 700 nm. Gamma rays are less than 0.01nm, while infrared are on average 850 nm. Naturally, there is much more than we can’t see with our human eyes, but that nonetheless exists in our reality.
  • Human tears, at the cellular level, look different depending on the emotional state/ intentions we felt while unleashing the tears. – look Chapter on water (+ Masaru Emoto) –
  • Human brain is connected to our gut. Every Human has a symbiotic relationship with microbes living inside. Highest concentration of microbes is in the gut -and- gut bacteria produces around 92% of serotonin – which is the key neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood – thus, our gut greatly impacts our mood !
  • The emotional state vibration that we emit, similarly corresponds to the vibration that an element emits. Eg : Irritation = Mercury —– Anger = Lead —- Sorrow = Sadness —–  Stress = Zinc , …
  • Our Energy -whether physical or spiritual- impacts our Inner and Outer World, our environment and Universe.

The Power, Love of our Heart

Our Heart emits electromagnetic fields that changes according to our emotions. Our Heart is 500 times electrically stronger than our brain and up to 5000 times magnetically stronger.

Our heart’s magnetic field can be measured up to several feet away from our body , and the electromagnetic signal produced by our heart impacts living energies in the surroundings.

Our Heart is intelligent – it is composed of systems of neurons that have both short and long term memory.

Signals sent to our brain by our Heart neurons affects our emotions.


Massage, feel these points. All points of our body are interconnected. Having pain somewhere can have a rot cause somewhere else.

While you massage yourself (or if someones else massages you), try to feel the point and pathways being unblocked. Example : When you massage the ”brain” part of your hand, visualize and feel energy, electricity passing from your hand through your body parts and flowing through your brain.

Hand reflexology
Feet Reflexology

This is an open article, anyone can contribute and share their Knowledge and thoughts.

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Hugs 🙂

Energy Movements

Here, we will Practice – Exercise – Move – Flow – in ways that have the potential to Heal , Empower and make us Feel Deeper.

Inspired from Ancient and Modern Knowledge, Traditions, as well as All that surrounds us – Yoga, Sacred Rituals, Nature & Elements, Qi Gong, Calisthenics, Pilates, Shaolin, Olympics, Animals, Primal Movements,..

Surya Namaskar – Sun Salutation – Rhythmic Vinyasa

Intentions & Origins :

Surya Namaskar was first. It is a series of postural flow that stretches, strengthens, and balances our body, breath and mind. As our Sun represents the physical and spiritual Heart of our World, as well as nourishes, gives Life & Energy to us Living Beings, we show and convey our Gratitude by practicing Surya Namaskar. By doing so, we harness and open ourselves to receive it’s abundant, healing & powerful Energy, while awakening our Inner Sun, in order to Energize and Balance ourselves.

How To :

Here let’s go deeper into Surya Namaskar/Sun
Salutations/Rhythmic Vinyasa A , it’s benefits and how-to.

Effects :

  • Enhances our Blood flow throughout our body , strengthening & stretching all major muscles and organs – these leads to many various benefits such as faster detox, improved digestion, enhanced cognitive performances, balancing hormones release.
  • We get healthier in all aspects of Self – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Notes Guidelines & Key Principles :

  • Let’s link our Movements with our Breath, and go in our own rhythm.
  • Let’s Feel all parts of our Body as we are in a position, and let’s open up ourselves to receive Universal Energies.
  • If feelings of pain, do not strain, relax and do/find a variation. Let’s Listen to our unique body, doing what feels good and right 🙂

Chandra Namaskar – Moon Salutation (Kripalu Yoga)

Intentions & Origins :

Since Ancient Times, many civilizations honored our Sun and Moon for their energy and different, opposite energies. Here, the Moon Salutation represents the awakening, enhancement of our Feminine Energy, Yang, Creativity, Sexuality, Calmness, and much more. There are many variations, and the one that I feel embodies the best these Energies is the Kripalu Yoga Chandra Namaskar.

How-To :

Effects :

  • This practice stretches and strengthens all major muscles and organs, enhances our flexibility and balances our respiratory, circulatory, endocrine (essential wellness hormones) and digestive systems.
  • It is centering, grounding, and flowing – while opening our Energy to Feminine, Moon,.. Energies.
  • Each of the poses promotes a fertile body, opening our hips, strengthening our core, stretching our spine,..

Notes, Guidelines & Key Principles :

  • Breathe and Feel in deeply, connect your awareness & breath with each movement.
  • If feelings of pain, do not strain, relax and do/find a variation. Let’s Listen to our unique body, doing what feels good and right 🙂

The 5 Tibetan Rites –
Five Rites of Rejuvenation

Origins & Intentions :

The Five Tibetan Rituals for Rejuvenation originated a long time ago, -sources say approximately 2500 years before Present Time, in Tibet. The postures and movements are dynamic, enlivening, balancing all muscles, organs, hormones secretions, and cognitive functions – and are similar to particular Yoga Asanas.

How-To :

Effects :

  • Increases Energy, Vitality and overall Strength and Flexibility, while promoting blood circulation, hormonal secretion and cognitive functions balance.
  • This Rites Sequence is also called ”Fountain of Youth”, for it’s rejuvenating and anti-ageing benefits.

Notes, Guidelines & Key Principles :

  • Breathe and Feel in deeply, connecting our awareness & breath with each movement.
  • After each rite, take some time off (5-15 seconds) to Feel and breathe deeper. Then we flow on to the next Rite.
  • If feelings of pain, do not strain, relax and do/find a variation.
  • Let’s link our movements with our Breath, Feel each part of our body getting healed, empowered, balanced.
  • Each Movements Rite should be performed depending on our strength, flexibility and willpower. If we feel that it strains us in any way, let’s be wise, listen to our body and perform variations -or- do stretches that will improve our strength and flexibility for this specific area !
  • Ideally, each rite should be done several times, the more, will promote greater results – Beginner, 3-7 times each . Intermediate, 8-14 times each. Advanced, 15-21+ times each.
  • After performing One cycle of rites, let’s position our self comfortably and breathe in and out deeply (ideally, 2-3 full deep conscious breaths.)
  • Let’s Listen to our unique body, doing what feels good and right 🙂


Origins & Intentions :

QiGong is the art, knowledge, practice and wisdom of harnessing and transforming Energy for our optimal Well Being. It’s origins are traced to China, dating more than 4000 years.

QiGong involves meditation, visualizations, breath, self-massages and active movements. The practitioner moves, breaths, visualizes, massages, meditates in ways that alters Inner & Outer Energies – (removing unwanted toxins, unblocking energy channels,.. – or – harnessing pure, optimal energies and enhancing their Flow). It Balances the Yin & Yang, opposite yet complementary & Interconnected energies which all Existing Things have.

How To :

here is an amazing video where we can Feel and Heal, Empower ourselves through QiGong.

Falun Dafa

Five exercises derived from Buddhist QiGong.

They are deeply healing, empowering, unblocks all meridians, energy channels and enhances our WellBeing.

Energy Medicine Movements

Harmonizing our Energy through stimulating various energy centers.

Therapeutic neurogenic tremors, Aka Shaking Medicine : voluntarily (or naturally, involuntarily) shaking, vibrating our body, muscles and all parts in order to release deep chronic tension – from our feet, all the way to our cranium. Main area of focus is Waist area / Psoas.

Calligraphy Health Movements

Paida Lajin

Slapping & Stretching numerous parts of our body in order to unblock blockages (physical and Meridians) and stimulate blood detox and Qi flow.


Origins & Intentions :

Joseph Pilates developed these technqiues 70 years ago, with the intention to help rehabilitate injured people. He combined ancient Greek and Roman fitness methods with elements from dance and swimming to create an effective system that heals physical weaknesses, strengthens our core and restores balance.

Pilates enhances flexibility, strength and develops control and endurance in our entire body. Key aspects are alignment, breath, developing a powerful core, while improving coordination and balance.

Basic Exercises

Ancient Egypt Ka & Africa
Movements – Smai Tawi

It’s Origins are from Africa, mainly the Sacred Land of Egypt. These exercises have been felt, performed throughout the continent to Heal, Empower and Connect Body, Mind and Spirit.

Union of the Two Lands – Here, it refers to various symbols :

Union of the single individual consciousness (Ego Self) with the Collective Oneness Consciousness (All).


Using our body weight, gravity and imagination to develop and enhance our body.

Ecstatic Dance

Expressing our Unique Energy by dancing, moving, feeling, being with the Vibrations of Life.

” And those who were dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn’t hear the music – ” Nietzsche

Kundalini Dance

Using Shakti Energy (Feminine Sexual Energy lying dormant or awakened in the base of our spine (Root Muladhara Chakra) to Feel, Heal, Empower Life deeper.

Note : Shiva Energy is complementary and can be used to reach deeper levels of Kundalini Awakening.


To Move, align, and Heal all body parts while connecting to Earth, the Divine, and Life itself


Shamanic movements to Connect and Heal Oneself with Life

Whirling dervishes

Many Sufis move in that way, in order to enter a Trance state to be able to Be, Feel and Connect Spiritually

Thai/Vedic Yoga Massage

Ancient & Modern Olympics Movements



Athletics – Javelin – Disc Throw –
Running, Sprinting, Jumping


Fencing/Sword/Weapon Fight


Equestrian, Horse Riding

Buttoh Elemental Dance

Origins of Japan, mimicking and being entranced by the elements.

Fire Air Water Earth.


Malaysian Defense System


We can learn much from animals, inspire ourselves from their movements and attributes.

Nature & Elements

Primal Movements

Tribal Dances

Channeled Energy Movements

Draw with arms hands figure 8 Flow all around us by circling on ourselves. Strengthens, cleanses, protects aura.

Squat , then bring arms sideways extended as far as possible. figure 8 with wrists.

Now, let’s focus our Energy on generating strength and power into various of our body parts. Start with arms : raise them sideways. Look straight ahead. Focus on feeling your arms becoming as hard as steel. Feel energy flow and strength flowing through. Now we do the same with other body parts.


Much more to come soon ! This is an open article, feel free to message me with tips, info, and love 🙂 Thank you for your support and patience ❤



Here, we will Share about Meditation – Then, we will Feel & Practice Meditations techniques that have the potential to Heal and Empower us. This will allow us to Connect Deeper to our Inner -and- Outer World.

(Scroll down – or click here for meditations techniques, illustrations & videos !)

Meditation– Focusing our Attention to one, specific Intention.

This means that Meditation can be practiced everywhere, at any time (yes, even standing up, in the middle of a crowded metro can accomplish wonders if your attention and intention are right).

So, how does one start meditating?

Well, first of all, setting an intention is primordial – and the best thing is, it can be any intention.

Meditations can be categorized into 3 different states of awareness.

1. ‘’Focused attention’’ meditations

Focusing our attention on one specific intention during our entire meditation session. This object may be our breath, a mantra (sound), a part of our body, a visualization, an external factor, … These meditations can greatly increase our will power, concentration, and much more.

2. ‘’Open observation’’ meditations

Here, we keep an open mind, and observe all aspects of our experience and senses, without judgment or attachment. All perceptions, may they be internal (thoughts, feelings, memory, etc.) or external (sound, smell, etc.), are observed and acknowledged for what they are, without us going deeper or reacting to them.


3. ‘’Effortless Presence’’ meditation

Simply put, this meditation is a state of Pure Being. Feeling Emptiness, -or, oppositely- Realizing that we are One with All that is. It is a feeling of non-ego, of Oneness. Pretty hard to describe, but if you achieve that state, you will understand that state of Being, of Feeling .

So, ask yourself what do you want to get out of meditation?

Would you rather Feel Energized, with a sharp and confident mind?

Or, would you rather Feel Calm, relaxed and passive to situations?

Once you know your intention, focus on it and wisely choose the appropriate meditation.

Here is a general list of intentions for different meditations:

  • To Create space for our mind–  Firstly, let’s ‘listen’, ’observe’ and Feel our feelings, emotions and thoughts, in a very understanding and open way. Let’s not judge, or resist anything that comes to our mind. Only when we feel that we have listened, observed and felt enough, can we shift our priority to the intention of creating space and silence for our mind, by thinking about nothing. – Stillness & Emptiness.

Note : It is normal to have thoughts emerging from times to times ! The key is to realize that our mind is not an enemy. It is our friend ! Each time a thought pops up – whether it be positive or negative – let’s understand that our mind is trying to show us what we can work on. It will continue to bring up to the surface a thought where we have a conscious or subconscious blockage at.

  • To Feel– by simply feeling what we can and want to feel. I love doing this meditation intention in showers, rivers, when it’s raining or opposite, when there is pure sunshine. There is so much to Feel, as a human being ! And those feelings can come through (but are not limited to) the five basic human senses, and our creativity/imagination. Music is a great way to Feel, just like tasting is ! Yoga is worth mentioning here too, as it it a great way to feel our body.
  • To Realize and Feel one of the best feelings Humans can feel (Joy, Love, Gratitude and Self-Realization)– In this intention meditation, let’s Feel Gratitude on All we have accomplished so far, what we have learned, shared, gave.  Who we are, and what we are yet to create and accomplish. How everything we went through in this Life has brought us exactly to this amazing Moment. Being joyful of the person we have become.
  • To connect with our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Guardians– I personally Know that I (all of us) am always connected to my Higher Soul, and it is such a great feeling and realization. I also Know that my Spirit Guardians and Watchers are here to help me, and sometimes advise me on things to do – or not. For me, their messages and guidance comes through my intuition, which I try my best to follow. Let’s open ourselves to Higher Energies,embodying their, our Wisdom.
  • To Connect with Nature Spirits and Elements– Whenever a fire is created, or whenever any elements, trees are around us,we can try and connect with it, or at least share Energy with it. The elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Air, Spirit are amazing and can be transcendental to connect with. By the simplest act of observing their flow, their Beauty, we are connecting ourselves to their attributes and virtues. Connecting and feeling the water of rivers (or the water we shower with) ; walking barefoot and feeling mother Earth, gazing at a fire, … the list goes on. All can be deeply grounding, spiritual meditations !
  • To gain insight on what I am about to do –The last few months, and years, whenever I had the chance to try out something new – recently, instruments – , I try to visualize and  gain insight and knowledge about how to play this instrument. I simply try to feel all of what the best instruments player knew, and try to visualize these knowings and talents as energy forms, and these energy forms entering my Energy body. And then, I play.  Surprisingly, it sounds pretty good (to me at least !). As everything is Interconnected, we can connect to various & infinite energies – our mind is the only limit !
  • To align the Universal patterns in my favor  – Whenever I have time, especially before going out, when I know that I need to do this, to get that, etc.. I take few minutes to set my vibrations to attract what I need/want. I believe that what we seek is seeking us. Interestingly enough, a lot of the times, what I need/want comes to me in very subtle ways. This is the law of attraction at play.
  • To try to ‘see’ beyond our World– For this intention, I would like to share that imagination, visualization, intuition and open-mindedness are keys. Other people call it ”out of body experience”. Please be aware to be mind and energetically protected, because what we can see, witness, experience can be a simple produce of our imagination, – or – it could be a Reality that goes beyond our comprehension.

So, get comfortable, focus on an intention you feel like, and try to remain aware of your intent.

To help you further, there are ways and tips to attain deeper awareness and concentration.

  • Visualization techniques– I often do visualization meditation, and I love it so much, because I can truly feel what I am visualizing, and in all sincerity, I know that part of my visualizations (which are hard to describe with our current vocabulary) are actually what is happening to the Energy around me. We are all Powerful, in our own unique ways !
  • Guided Meditation– I have experienced several guided meditation, and whilst it works well for me and others, it all depends on our personal intention, and the one of the guided meditation. If our intention on meditating is to harness Energy and feel energetic, but the one of the guided meditation is to feel relaxed and calm, then our intention might not be fulfilled.
  • Breathing techniques– I used to be hypo ventilating (still sometimes doing it, when I am not aware enough) which means shallow/low- breathing. To be honest, I came into conclusion that the way we breath, impacts our overall mood, thoughts, reactions – and the amount of Energy we can intake and release.

For feeling peace and calm, long and deep breaths are advised.

For energizing our self, fast and active breaths are advised. By Knowing our body and mind, we will know what feels good and right for us !

  • Reciting mantras– I have been practicing with Mantras, such as Aum – or even – Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum, and these basic yet powerful sounds create unique and specific vibrations that can shift us in an optimal state of mind. But still, most of the times I prefer pure nature sounds or silence.
  • Focusing on one object/point– For some, this techniques helps a lot.  Staring peacefully at a candle flame, for example, can be truly hypnotizing. But still, most of meditations intentions work better with eyes closed.
  • Fasting– Personally, meditating while fasting always proves to be in our advantage. As less energy is spent on digesting (which is more than we may think), we are able to deepen our focus.
  • With the right Hertz, Music, Tune– Higher resonance hertz (from 432hz onward) can be to be a great help in focusing our attention to intention (more spiritual). All tones 432hz and below are more to ground ourselves (which is essential too).
  • In the right place with the right Energy –I find it particularly easier to meditate in a natural space, sitting next to an old tree, under the sun (or moon), & while holding crystals. Some places (for e.g an underground cave that was used for ill people during the war) can be less fitted energetically-wise than other places (for e.g in pure Nature, with vegetation and animals striving in Harmony). But once again, we are all unique, so let’s know what suits us best !

Few out of countless benefits of meditation :

  • Harmonizing all aspects of self (mental, physical, spiritual) thus alleviating stress, and promoting well-being.
  • Enhances Awareness of Self, World & All Things
  • Amplifies cognitive functions, such as focus, problem-solving etc

Here, let’s share – Ancient and Modern -, energetically powerful meditation practices that have been practiced throughout our World, since thousands of years, – and- some that have been developed in recent times.

1 Minute Meditation (To do Now ! 😉 )

Let’s Take deep, rejuvenating Breaths.

  • Breathing In through our Nose,
  • Breathing out through our Mouth.
  • Breathing In Feeling our lungs expanding,
  • Breathing Out all unwanted Energies.
  • Breathing in Love, Light, Joy,
  • Breathing Out all tensions, Releasing us.
  • Breathing in Feeling Alive and Awake,
  • Breathing Out Feeling Peace and Gratitude.

Now, Be. Simply Feel, without expectations. At each breath you take, you will Feel more and more at Peace.

Pranayama – Breathing Meditation

There are many breathing techniques, that can lead to different states of awareness. Here, I will only explain one of them (out of many more that are in the post ” Breathing-Pranayama ‘‘)

One of the simplest and most commonly taught is the 4-4-4-4.

Basically, let’s breathe in for 4 seconds,, hold for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds, and hold empty for 4 seconds.

Tips : Let’s Breathe through our nose, and fill our abdomen with air (instead of our chest only).  Let’s repeat for a few cycles, until feels right.

We can create our own cycles, such as 6-0-6-0, etc… Ultimately, only us, individually, know what feels right and good for us 🙂

Benefits : Balances our overall mood, regenerates our cells, our body, increases our focus and willpower. And the amazing thing is, it can be done anywhere, at any time.

There are many more Breathing Meditations, with different intentions and results.

Guided Breathing Energy Chakra – 108 to Liberation

Trataka Meditation

(Steady Gazing)

The intention of Trataka is to focus one of our predominant sense, our eyesight to one point or object.

You can choose to focus your gaze into any point, but from my knowings, the best are :

Candle Flame / Fire – our palm – our Third Eye in the Mirror – Someone’s eye – Mountain Peak – Tree/Flower/Plant – Crystal – Star – Mandala / Sacred Geometry Symbol – many more, use what you know is best.


*Let’s sit comfortably, spine erect.

*Let’s focus our eyesight to this energetic point.

*Let’s try to remain our eyes open, without blinking.

*Whenever tears forms, let’s allow ourselves to blink.

*Whenever feels right (between 5-99 +minutes), let’s close our eyes, bring our energy and attention to our Ajna Chakra (Third Eye, in between eyebrows) and Visualize this energetic object we have been gazing at.

*Now, let’s repeat the process till we feel like.

Benefits :

Enhances Focus, Intuition, Spiritual Insights & Willpower

Enhances various (most of the time dormant) psychic abilities

Producing/releasing tears has countless health benefits.

Ho’Oponopono Meditation (+variation)

Words are energy, vibrations. Words have the power to reach the deepest part of our minds : our subconscious. Words also have the power to affect living beings, our environment, as well as the furthest stars.

Wholeheartedly say to our self : Sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I Love You.

– Variation –

Our Intention is to Express and Feel five great healing forces.

*Repentance – taking responsibility of our reality and expressing : I’m Sorry

*Forgiveness – asking for forgiveness : Forgive Me

*Respect – respecting all : I Respect

*Gratitude – Expressing our Gratitude for All : Thank You

*Love – Expressing our Love for All : I Love You


Let’s still ourselves in a comfortable position,

Feel wholeheartedly, and repeat these magical words :

(Repentance) – I’m Sorry

(Forgiveness) – I Forgive You, I Forgive Me, I Forgive All.

(Respect) – I Respect You, I Respect Me, I Respect All.

(Love) – I Love You, I Love Me, I Love All

(Gratitude) – I Thank you, I Thank Me, I Thank All.

By expressing (out loud or silently) these powerful words, we are mentally, physically and spiritually creating vibrations that allow positive changes to happen within all aspects of Self.

Let’s Repeat these words till we Feel like.

Benefits : During all our Life, many times we blocked ourselves from expressing what we wanted/needed to say. By doing Ho’Oponopono meditation, expressing those words, we are rewiring our brains and liberating conscious and subconscious blockages that we formed.

As All is Energy, All is interconnected. Healing aspects of our selves is healing the whole of Existence.

Young Self Energy Meditation (PAST TIME)

The intention of this meditation is to reconnect with our younger self, and express as of the present Moment our Feelings.

In our physical realm, time is linear – but – energetically, time is an illusion, and all is ever present, inter-connected.

*Let’s still ourselves in a comfortable position,

*Think, Visualize our self vividly when we were younger (around 3-7 years old – it can help to look at a younger picture of self-).

*Let’s hold in our mind that image, picture of our younger self.

*Now, let’s bring our present self in the picture. Visualize our self at the first or third person, which is the most comfortable.

*While thinking and Feeling all of what we’ve learned & experienced in this life at that Present Moment, let’s move towards our younger self, let’s open our Hearts, arms, -and- Hug our younger Self with infinite Gratitude, Compassion, Love, and Wisdom.

*Let’s whisper to our younger self what we want to. Let’s share that everything is going to be okay. That we are going to Learn, Feel pleasant as well as painful experiences. But that no matter what, we will continue on living and feeling Life and constantly evolve along the Way.

*Transfer Energy to our younger self, and at the same time, Feel Energy rushing and flowing through us at the Present Moment.


When the time is right, think of both of you merging as One, and when it feels right, bring awareness back to the Present Reality.


Benefits :

*Energetic intentional Connection to our younger self.

*Energetic Expression of what we have deep inside us.

*Healing our past heals our Present.

Old Self Energy Meditation (FUTURE TIME)

Ideal Feelings Meditation

Know what are your favorite feelings to feel.

Majority of us, will most likely prefer to Feel : Joyous, Grateful, Wonder, Successful, Peaceful, Energetic, Realizative, Loved, Powerful, Confident, Liberated,  Mesmerized, Transcendental.

Well, we can realize that we can Feel all that we want to Feel. Thanks to our intention, thoughts and willpower. That is the beauty of being Human ! Being able to consciously choose what we want to Feel.

So, you may say, how can I feel all these wonderful feelings?

Well, the answer is – Creativity. Imagination. Intention. Meditation.

Make yourself comfortable, and be open-minded to create with your creativity and imagination, an inner-reality where you could Feel one, or several of these feelings.

How does Love Feel like? What is Love? Personally, I would say it is an energy that permeates all of our Existence. It is an Energy that we have. That composes us. An Inner as well as Outer Energy that we can learn to Create, Share, Feel.

So, make yourself comfortable and Feel your Heart. Feel a wellness Energy expanding from it, entering it. Be open, allow that Energy to flow and radiate within you.

Imagine yourself, surrounded by your family, closes friends, strangers, animals. Imagine them coming in a loving, forgiving, caring, peaceful way towards you. Allow yourself to hug them, allow them to hug you. Feel loved. Feel cherished. Give. Receive. Share this Love Energy.

To further enhance the feelings of Heart openness, we can place our hands at our Heart area, Feel it beating. Let’s be Grateful of it working endlessly in order to keep us alive.

This, is just one example out of infinities of ways, to Feel a feeling.

Your imagination has no boundaries, so Feel free to create and imagine all that you want, so that you can achieve your ultimate goal – Feeling all that you want to Feel.

I would love to add that, as human beings, we can also allow ourselves to Feel ‘’negative’’ feelings, such as anger, sadness, exhaustion, etc.

It is perfectly human to Feel all that we can feel as humans, so let’s not resist, but allow to Be and Feel Human.

I realize, a lot of us -even me- store anger or negative emotions into us. For conscious or unconscious reasons, we did not express, release them when we had the opportunity to. So, an amazing meditation I advice us it :

Lower Emotion Release Active Meditation: 

The intention here will be to release excess lower, negative feelings that we have stored in us for various reasons.

Release through sound :

Here, talk to yourself : Feel the low vibration feeling -sadness, anger,…- Acknowledge it, and talk to it. Say that you understand why you are sad, angry , but that you do not want to Feel that way anymore, and that you love yourself too much to carry it on. Consciously release this emotion with the help of your breath, exhale sights, -loud or not- up to you

Scream it out : Shouting can be a very powerful tool to voice out our feelings, and of course, to release them. Ideally, do not release them onto living beings, as they will definitely get affected by it. Ideally, do it underwater. In a lake, river, or even your bathtub -trust me, water will contain the sounds- ! Other solutions will be to do it on top of a hill, on top of a building, where you know no one, less people will hear you – and, visualize your lower feelings gather in a ball at some part of your body. Now, Shout. SCREAM ! Feel this ball of unwanted energy leaving you, getting released through emptiness. Tip : you know the capacity and limits of your vocal chords. Use them, but do not strain them too much ! Whenever you feel lighter, cleansed, it is time to sit comfortable and to re-gather positive, universal energies to fill-up your now purified energy body. Fill it with colors, all the elements, loving feelings – you choose !

Benefits :

*Makes us Realize and practice the fact that we are in control of our feelings

*Improves focus and overall well being.

*Release unwanted energies.

Bandha meditation – Body locks:

For this meditation, the intention is to contain our energy flow within our middle body (from pelvis to throat). For that to happen, we must contract and position ourselves so that muscles, entry and exit points of energy are ”locked”.

So, let’s sit comfortably, and focus our awareness to the next three areas of our body :

Mula Bandha – Root Lock – contracting our perineum -the area between our anus and reproductive organs- in order to redirect energy to flow upwards. (In other words, it prevents apana from escaping lower body and draws it up our body to unite with prana).

Uddiyana Bandha – Abdominal Lock – Exhale all air out, while pulling our belly back towards our spine, thus contracting our abdomen into our ribcage.(This forces our prana to flow up the shushumna nadi).

Jalandhara Bandha – Chin Lock – While pressing our chin firmly to our chest, let’s inhale deeply and hold our breath. (this prevents prana from escaping our upper body).

Maha Bandha – All three bandhas combined.

Benefits : Regeneration of Physical (cells, organs, muscles) as well as Energy (chakras, nadis, meridians) Body through contained Flow of vital Life Energy.

Ajapa Meditation (Soham Dharana)

– Meditation on the natural sound of our Breath –

Sah : He         Aham : I

Soham : He I am – I am He (‘’He’’ here represents the Supreme Power, Ultimate Reality, All of Existence – God)

The Soham Mantra is a natural mantra because it is part of our Nature. It is what makes us alive. This is called the universal mantra since it’s vibration is part of our breath, and everybody breathes.

Soooooo : Sound of our inhale          Hummmm : Sound of our exhalation

While naturally inhaling *Soooooo*  let’s remind/know/feel ourselves as I, our Ego, Our Person in this Life.

Then, while naturally exhaling, let’s remember, realize and Feel ourselves as Infinite, Eternal as God.

Repeat until we Feel Complete.


*Stillness of mind

*Feeling, Connecting our True Nature

*Awareness on breath, balancing of Ego and Divinity

Mudras Meditation

The word Mudra is Sanskrit, and means “gestures,” “seal.” They affect the flow of energy in our body – balancing, redirecting, amplifying energy, as well as unblocking energy centers.

Many traditions and cultures believe that an imbalance or blockage of any of our 5 elements are the roots of diseases – thus, the balance of 5 of our innate elements are also our cure and key to optimal well being.

As we are electro-magnetic beings, when we connect different parts of our body (in this case, fingers) in specific ways, it allows our body to unblock and balance the flow of energy within us.

There are many existing Mudras, here we will practice one of them :

Hridaya Mudra :

Let’s connect our index fingers to the base of our thumbs. Then, we join the tips of our middle and ring fingers to the tips of our thumbs while straightening our pinky fingers.


The middle and ring fingers are directly related to the nadis (subtle channels), that are connected to Our Heart. By connecting them with our thumbs, our energy flow is directed toward our Heart. This harmonizes, energizes our Heart, unblocking blockages and thus helping to prevent/heal Heart problems, whether they be physical, emotional, spiritual.

On top of that, as our Heart emanates strong electro-magnetism, it affects our Inner and Outer World for the greatest.

For more Mudras meditations, click here !

Hugging Meditation

While hugging someone, a teddy bear, a pillow, a tree, anything comfortable and energetic, try to Feel Love and Gratitude.

Naturally, you will release ‘ wellness’ hormones such as oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine.

Breathe, focus your awareness on your Heart area, Feel it expanding with Love and all the positive feelings possible.

Present, Now Meditation

This meditation can be done anywhere, in any position.

Ideally, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Take a moment to Feel. To Be.

Notice your five senses.

Taste. Physical sensation. Sounds. Odour. Emptiness through your closed eyes.

Your breath. Each breaths.

Notice whatever is being experienced in the Now. Thoughts. Feelings.

Observe what your mind wanders to.

Become aware of the tendencies of your mind.

Keep coming back to simply Being.

Benefits : increases willpower, enhances self-awareness, thoughts patterns.—

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Know the chakras specificities, and let’s use them to rebalance our Energy Body.

For this meditation, sit in a comfortable position, and Feel each of the chakras, one by one. Breathe into them, put your awareness into each chakra.

Depending on your intention :

  1. Feel Self, Earth Energy ascending to your Spirit : Spirit.

Start by your Root – going upwards to your Crown.

  1. Feel Spirit Energy descending to your Self, to Earth : Grounding.

Start by your Crown and descend Energy to your Root.

While meditating, focus your awareness on the location, visualize the chakra color entering and harmonizing the energetic chakra center. If you feel like, chant the sound mantra at the same time.

Muladara – Root Chakra – survival, primal needs, grounding.

Location : between the anus and genitals, at the base of our spine.

sound : LAM                               Color : Red


Swadhisthana – Sacral Chakra : creativity, development of self, nurture, love & sweetness.

Location : lower abdomen, between navel and genitals.

Sound : VAM                              Color : Orange


Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra : manages organs, digestive process, personal power, balance.

Location : around the belly button.

Sound : RAM                              Color : Yellow


Anahata – Heart Chakra : Love, compassion, understanding, relationships, oneness and synchronization with Universe.

Location : Center of the chest, Heart.

Sound : YAM                              Color : Green


Vishuddha – Throat Chakra :  communication, self-expression, Higher wisdom.

Location : throat area

Sound : Ham                              Color : Light Blue


Ajna – Third Eye Chakra : perception, self-realization, disolve and understand dualities.

Location : above and between eyebrows.

Sound : OM                                      Color : Indigo


Sahasrara – Crown Chakra : Spirituality, Connection to Divine.

Location : Top/Atop our head.

Sound : Ng (Breathing Sound)                    Color : Purple/White

After having balanced all your chakras, visualize your aura as multicolor, full of light and energy, and breath so that with each breath, all your chakras interconnect. Feel your Energy.

If you wish to go deeper into that meditation, integrate Positive Suggestions, Hold specific Crystals, Form Mudras and Asanas while balancing each of your chakras.

Benefits :

Cleansing of Nadis, Energy centers, Chakras.

Harmonizing and Enhancing all Energetic centers, Chakras.

Increases Willpower, Energy you can absorb and emanate.

Connection to Spirit / Higher-Self Meditation

Firstly, What/Who is your Higher Spirit? To put it simply, it is the Energy that animates your body, your Ego. In Essence, it is the True, Eternal and Infinite You ! The You as Divine Energy, as the Energy that embodies many physical, dying bodies. Connecting to the True You, connects to an Infinite Energy, connects you to All Lives and Wisdom you can Imagine.

So, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and put your Love, Focus and Energy into the intention of Connecting to you, to your Soul.

Imagine/Visualize a growing ball of light at your 10th Chakra (around 1 meter above your crown), expanding, filling the environment, the Universe, all of Existence.

Visualize a Spiritual Chord that attaches your Energetic Body, to that Ball of Infinity, of your Soul.

Just Be, Feel a Sensation of Spirituality overtaking your senses.

Higher Beings/Teachers/Guides Meditation

Also known as Guru Yoga, this meditation’s intention is to invoke, awaken, enhance and embody the supreme qualities of Highly respected Beings -(Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Muhammad, Shiva, – whomever you feel inspires and gives you wisdom) – those qualities (Love, Acceptance, Humbleness, Wisdom, Gratitude, Compassion,Understanding, Self-Realization, Balance, Peace, …), that are available to all beings, and that, are already within us.

Let’s position ourselves comfortably, close our eyes, breathe optimally, and whenever we are ready, let’s imagine, picture that Higher Supreme Being/Guide/Teacher looking at us with Love. If no clear image form, it’s okay, let’s imagine and visualize an energy form, whichever color appears. Let’s Feel and visualize the connection between both. All we have to do is to be open, feel and maintain that connection, that nourishes and enhances our Energy and higher virtues.

Whenever ready to move to the next step, let’s Realize that there is no separation. Both are One, Same. Let’s merge Together, uniting Energy, until one beautiful, Energy remains. Feel your Heart and Energy centers opening, harmonizing, and for a few moments, embody this energy. Then, let’s focus back to our physical reality.

Benefits :

Realization and Feeling that all virtues are already within us.

Awakening, Enhancing those higher vibrating virtues within us.

Connection to Higher Energies, Surge and Balance of our Energy.

Dynamic Meditation

  1. Osho Dynamic Meditation

For this meditation, be ready to go ‘crazy’, to be Free to express yourself in all ways. Ideally, you should do it in a place that allows for noise to be created.

Osho Dynamic Meditation

“This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware, whatsoever you do. The first step, breathing; the second step, catharsis; the third step, the mantra, ‘Hoo.’

Remain a witness. Don’t get lost. It is easy to get lost. While you are breathing you can forget; you can become one with the breathing so much that you can forget the witness. But then you miss the point. Breathe as fast, as deep as possible, bring your total energy to it, but still remain a witness. Observe what is happening as if you are just a spectator, as if the whole thing is happening to somebody else, as if the whole thing is happening in the body and the consciousness is just centered and looking. This witnessing has to be carried in all the three steps. And when everything stops, and in the fourth step you have become completely inactive, frozen, then this alertness will come to its peak.” Osho


The meditation lasts around one hour and has five stages. Remain your eyes closed during the entire meditation. If possible, wear a blindfold.

First Stage: around 10 minutes

Breathe chaotically through your nostrils,as deep, fast, intense as possible. Your breath should fill all your body, all your lungs. Become your breath. Feel your Energy building up. If necessary, do slight natural movements, but keep your energy centered within yourself.

Second Stage: around 10 minutes

Express All of Your Energy ! Let go of everything that needs to go. Be in a Trance without any limits. Punch, Cry, Scream, Shout,, Jump, Kick, Shake, Laugh, Dance, Sing ! Do and Express what you Feel like, Throw yourself around. Hold nothing back; keep your whole body moving. Be Free to be ‘’mad, crazy’’ consciously.

Third Stage: around 10 minutes

Raise your arms above your head and jump up and down shouting the mantra, “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” as deeply as possible. Each time you land, on the flats of your feet, let the vibration enter deeply into your sex center (all pelvis, psoas, sexual organs area). Use all your Energy; exhaust yourself completely.

Fourth Stage: around 15 minutes

Stay Immobile. Still Yourself in whatever position. Remain like a statue. Feel. Be a witness to everything that is happening within.

Fifth Stage: 15 minutes

Express slowly, roughly, you choose ! The intention is to Feel what you want to Feel. Joy? Energetic? Aliveness? Craziness? All up to you.

Improvised Dynamic Meditation

Create a Playlist of your favorite musics.

Ideally, music to dance hard to.

Dance to the flow of your Life, and mix your Life’s flow to the flow of the music. Dance, Express, Move. After each 2 music (around 10mins) Relax, stand still and simply Feel yourself. Feel Your Body parts vibrating.

After 2/3 rounds (depending on you) of dancing and standing still, sit/lie down and Feel even deeper your Energy, your Body.

2. Improvised Dynamic Meditation :

Create a Playlist of your favorite musics.

Ideally, music to dance hard to.

Dance to the flow of your Life, and mix your Life’s flow to the flow of the music. Dance, Express, Move. After each 2 music (10mins) Relax, stand still and simply Feel yourself. Your Body parts vibrating.

After 2/3 rounds (depending on you) of dancing and standing still, sit/lie down and Feel even deeper your Energy, your Body.

Forgiving Meditation

Holding on to Anger, to Bad Thoughts and Energy towards one or several person literally blocks our Energy Flow.


Close your eyes, and visualize the person you can and will Forgive right in front of you, with an energetic chord that link both of you.

Express out loud or within, to that person:

I am Pure and Innocent.

You are Spirit

And you are released

From What I Projected on you

Visualize the chord that linked both of you detaching, feel all negative emotions dissipate.

Mantra Meditation 

Mantra is a Sanskrit word derived from two roots: man (meaning “mind” or “to think”) and trai meaning to “free from”. Therefore, mantras are energies that have the potential to heal, empower, transform our minds. They are sacred in nature and carry intentions (depending on us).

Everything in our physical Existence is vibrating.
Sound patterns/vibrations affect for great or ill surrounding vibrations, thus impacting all structures and energies within us (whether it be physical, mental or spiritual).

By listening, creating, sharing, embodying mantras, we are able to intentionally control the outcome, goals we desire.

A mantra can be recited; or listened to. When chanting/listening a mantra (mentally or verbally), elements such as speed, pitch, intentions do affect our body and mind differently (Repeating our mantra fast produces gamma waves (energizing) in the brain. Repeating it slowly produces theta waves (relaxing). )

Attached here, is a compilation/creation/combination of spiritual sounds with different mantras, as well as created mantras. Some are sounds that do not mean anything in our current World Languages, but which are created through intuition, simple expression of Spirit. Just like any other vibrations, they can bring transcendence.

Creation of Personal Mantra

Let’s create a mantra – It can be a word that we invent, that exists or a short sentence – as long as it resonates with our intention.

  • The meaning/intention is the most important. Let’s choose a word/sentence that represents something we want to create/develop/connect/feel. It could be love, compassion, power, peace, freedom, self-realization, courage, etc.
  • The sound of the word needs to resonate with us.So, let’s repeat this mantra and feel if it helps us to get closer to our intention.

Once chosen/created, it is up to you to build this mantra energetically, with the power of vibrations, intention.

Collective, Spiritual Mantras

Each mantra has its own “energy”, that became empowered through other humans reciting, building energy into it. Hence, it is wise to connect to a traditional mantra (using the same language, replicating the same sounds/vibrations) – that has been used by spiritual seekers for millennia, – for and with – the right intentions. Let’s be sure to know the translation and intention ! Ultimately, we will be able to feel the ones that uplift us towards our personal and collective intentions.

Sanskrit :

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti : Om, for – the Sound of Existence -followed by three Shanti, for – peace of mind, peace of body, and peace of speech. This Mantra is to embody and share Peace.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare :

This mantra has the intention to respect and implore three main deities Energies (Vishnu, Shakti, Krishna). There are many interprations and intentions for this mantra, one of them are : “Oh, Supreme Energies, I respect you and please engage me in your service.” Also, one of the intentions is to embody and Realize these Supreme Energies that are within and around all of Us.

Sarvam khalvidam Brahman (“All is Brahman(Consciousness)”). The main intention in the mantra is to achieve Self-God Realization and to See this One Energy within all of Existence. This can make us Realize deeper the Truth that all existing energy have within them the same Oneness Energy. We are all animated by the same Energy, thus interconnected beyond comprehension !

Asato Ma, Sadgamaya – Tamaso Ma, Jyotir Gamaya -Mrityormaa Amritam Gamaya –From Delusion, Lead me to Truth – From Darkness, Lead me to Light, – From Death, Lead me to Immortality.

Hindu/Buddhist :

Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum :
 “The jewel is in the lotus,” or “Praise to the jewel in the lotus.” There are many interpretations to that. One is that physically,we are that ever unfolding, growing, transforming Lotus. But, inside that Lotus, resides the Jewel, the Pure Consciousness, Pure Energy that we, ultimately, are.

The main intentions are to embody Compassion and Purity. So, these 6 syllables are used to Purify all aspects of our body, speech and mind.

Connection, Awakening, Enhancement to All Existence – Purifies Egoistic Pride
MaConnection, Awakening, Enhancement to our Pure Ethical Behavior – Purifies Egoistic Jealousy
NiConnection, Awakening, Enhancement of our Patience – Purifies Egoistic desires
Pad Connection, Awakening, Enhancement of our Perseverance – purifies : ignorance / prejudice
Me Connection, Awakening, Enhancement of Concentration and Sharing attributes – purifies : Egoic Possessiveness
Hum —– Connection, Awakening, Enhancement of our Wisdom – purifies : aggression / hatred

Western :

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Do – 

Each, represents a different vibration, tonality, frequency. Let’s Feel them and balance ourselves thanks to their vibrations !

Finally, the more we focusing Energy to our mantra, the more it is empowered, energized. Eventually, it will be the most dominant sound and intention in our mind, directing us consciously, unconsciously, physically, mentally, spiritually towards our intention – until one day, this intention becomes part of our Reality.

Aum Chanting Meditation

Om represents the Vibration of Existence, the Eternal and Infinite sound.

Let’s position ourselves in a comfortable position, eyes closed, and repeat and chant the Aum Mantra as long as we Feel like.

One cycle of Aum Chanting lasts 6-11 seconds.

A : 1-2 seconds. Opened Lips. Linked to our Physical plane.

U : 2-3 seconds. Half-opened Lips. Linked to the Mental and Astral planes.

M : 3-6 seconds. Closed Lips. Linked to Spiritual, Ethereal plane.

Variation : Create the sound EEEEEM (with a higher pitch, while focusing on your chest, Heart Chakra) and to go even higher, YYYYYM (while focusing your energy and attention to your crown chakra, brain area using your vocal chords to create a high pitch sound.)


Vibration that cleanses & rejuvenates body, mind, cells, energy centers.

Improves concentration, memory & understanding capacity.

Amplifies intentions and energies we emanate.

Relaxes and/or energizes physically, emotionally, mentally.

Charges and cleanses surrounding energies, atmosphere.

Clears vocals chords and energy blockages.

Kirtans. Chanting Meditation

There are many other chants, folklore, spiritual sounds & vibrations that can connect us deeper to Life Energies. Find the one that fills your Heart, that brings you ideal feelings and emotions !

One of my personal favorite : Shiva Shambo, Om Namah Shivaya

Shiva SHambo with Mooji. Let’s Sing and Feeeel !
Krishna Das with Energetic Beings blessing our World

Visualization Meditation :

*Grounding : Sing Yee Earth

*Spiritual :

*Infinite Loop between Earth and Spirit

*Connection to All : Lisa

Healing Past Meditation

Think back of a moment when you felt pain. Whether be it physical or emotional. Re-live this moment fully. Experience it, do not resist it. Then, when you know you have felt it enough and it is time to move on, – Feel yourself as of now. While meditating with the intention to Heal your past trauma, focus on your Heart energy expanding, growing, bursting with acceptance, understanding, and love. Radiate your Heart energy to the past moment you had pain. If you have a strong visualization power, you can even go beyond, and ad your present self to the past painful moment, and Heal yourself. Touch your past self with the intention of healing and letting go of that pain.

Qi Gong – Moving Qi Meditation :

Mindful Body Meditation

Awareness goes to feeling all of our Body.

When feeling stressed (majority of humans, on a daily basis), our blood flow prioritizes muscles for the fight and flight natural response. Thus, our vital organs receive less blood flow, less oxygen, less energy.

The solution is to restore our self by shifting into a meditative state, a peace mind feeling, that will restore a natural optimal blood flow to all our vital organs and tissues. The result of that is proper oxygen, nutrition, removal of waste & toxins, and creation/enhancement of healthy cells and immune system.

So, make yourself comfortable, bring your awareness into Feeling Peace, Calm, Serene, and Feel all your muscles relax one by one.

Ideally, -but reverse is amazing too- start by focusing on your feet. Relax all muscles, go up to your calf muscles, upper legs, sexual organs, pelvis, stomach, back, chest, shoulder blades, throat, neck, head, upper arms, elbows, hands.

When you Feel that all your muscles are relaxed, shift your awareness to your vital organs – brain, heart, kidneys, … Feel the healing vibration within you.

Hypnosis Subconscious Empowerment Meditation

Create suggestions you wish you had/were.

Self-Unleashing Sounds, Syllables, Natural Unknown Words Meditation

Express sounds, syllables without thinking about it

Shakti Meets Shiva Anahata Meditation

Awakening, Activating our Sexual Energy (Shakti, at Muladara, Root chakra). Awakening, Activating our Spiritual Energy (Shiva, at Sahasrara, Crown Chakra). Then, Connecting both at our Heart Center, Anahata.

Future Visualization/ Best Possible Self Meditation

Visualize all that you want to Have, Experience, Be.

Brainwave States Meditation

Here, the intention is to allow our brain to Feel, Shift and Benefit from the 5 different states of brainwaves. Make yourself comfortably, and allow your Brain to Experience and Harmonize itself through sound vibration.

Sound Healing Meditation

Here, we once again go into the power of sounds (or should I say, the power of sounds goes within us 🙂 ). Allow the vibrations to Harmonize all aspects of yourself, from your smallest billions of atoms, to your subtle Energy. Feel, Let Sound Heal You.

Yoga Nidra

Yogic, Psychic Sleep that allows us to rest, energize ourselves deeply within a few hours.

It enhances our cognitive functions, relaxes our mind, awakens creativity and personal power & healing. Balances Mind & Body. Relieves stress and tension (physical, emotionnal, spiritual). Heals & Empowers us consciously & subconsciously.

How-to :

  1. Lie in Shavasana – corpse pose, back on ground, straight and comfortable.
  2. Body scan : let’s relax, all our muscles, joints, organs, body parts,
  3. Harmonize and relax our breath, mind, auric body & energy centers.
  4. First set of Sankalpa (personal healing & empowering suggestions) . I am ”Affirmations”
  5. Visualization : Visualize energy, symbols Mandalas, your ideal Life
  6. Feeling feelings and emotions – opposite sensations heat and cold, love and hate, – or – simply, your favorite feelings (Gratitude, Love, Euphoria, …)
  7. Second set of Sankalpa (personal healing & empowering suggestions)
  8. Return to external awareness, let your body and mink sink deeper into a state of rest, and allow yourself to Be, to Feel, to Rest.

Tips :

For sankalpa, repeat and Feel the suggestions wholeheartedly, sincerely, confidently, with determination and beliefs.

I am Beautiful, Energetic, Free, a Sunshine for myself and the WOrld.

I am master of my Energy, Feelings, thoughts, emotions & reactions.

I am Connected to Existence, and attract all that I want and need.

I am happy and grateful of Life.

I inspire, bring out the best of myself and our World.

I am Alive, I am the creator of my Reality, I am God.

Sorry, Forgive Me, Please, I Love You, Thank You.

Organs Sounds Meditation

The elements are:

  • Metal
    • organ: lungs
    • sound: SSSS
    • season: fall
  • Water
    • organ: kidneys
    • sound: CHOOO
    • season: winter
  • Wood
    • organ: liver
    • sound: SHHH
    • season: spring
  • Fire
    • organ: heart
    • sound: HAAHHHH
    • season: summer
  • Earth
    • organ: spleen
    • sound: WHOOOO
    • season: late summer

The summary is that, each and All of us are unique, and have our own preferences and own intentions. So, I suggest you go with what you feel like the most. There is no right or wrong way -but- but there are more efficient ways than others, to achieve what you want.

Use your infinite imagination and creativity, and Feel All that you want to Feel 🙂

I truly hope that you Learned from this article !

Wishing that your truest dreams come into Reality,


P.S : Write me, if you think you need, want more information (or if you think there could be more information about this topic !)

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Crystals, Minerals

Here, we will share about the Energy, benefits and vibrations of crystals.

One of Life’s fundamental knowledge is that Everything Physical vibrates. From a plastic cup, to a stone, everything physical is composed of thousands, millions, trillions of atoms -which are information which holds, generates and emits unit frequencies and energy fields.

How are crystals created? – All crystals (precisely, Crystalline Silica) are one of the building blocks of life. They are made from the 2 most abundant elements on the planet – Silicon and Oxygen. The atoms bond together, after which they arrange and develop with stability, into a three-dimensional repeating pattern, thus giving the crystal its structure. As Earth is abundant in these two elements, crystals can be found anywhere. Some of them, come from other far away space areas through comets that have reached our atmosphere.

Ancient Use of Crystal Energy :

Modern Use of crystal technology -We are heavily dependent on crystal technology in our everyday lives! Crystals are used for various forms of electronics including phones, computers, radios and much more – (LCD : liquid crystal display).
The storage capacity of the quartz crystal contained in our devices makes it possible for us to be able to store and retrieve information on a device.

Crystals have the amazing ability to influence greatly all other energy fields. Crystals are conductors of light, sound and electricity, and can absorb high intensity energies.

”The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a crystalline state of perfection and balance. When it is precisely cut to the proper geometric form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection in the vibration of love, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power and grasp of the user’s mind. Imaged thought intent is amplified.”— Marcel Vogel, Research scientist 

Crystal Studies :
In 1880, Physicist Pierre Curie and his brother Jacques discovered that compressing various crystals – such as quartz – created electricity. This phenomenon, called the Piezoelectric effect, is why crystals are used as essential elements in microphones, quartz watches, computers and inkjet printers.

A study performed by Institute Hagalis (international research laboratory for water quality). The institute studied the differences between tap water from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance and a sample of the same water after being treated with crystals. Results show an improvement in water quality, neutralisation of harmful substances, improvement of the pH-value and oxygen content, increase in bioavailability of minerals, and an increase in energy balance.