Realize Thyself

Who Are You ?

Who Are We ?

Who Am I ?

As Humans, it is the most natural question to ask ourselves. Although all of us have unique, different answers – there is a Truth, an Eternal-Unchangeable Answer. This answer is revealed, shared – through many ways such as Ancient scriptures, Philosophies, words and Teachings. Thanks to Modern Technology, we can go deeper into Truth(s).

Most of us have been conditioned to answer with our ego-ic mind, thoughts, beliefs, experiences : : Name. Occupation. Gender. Beliefs. Ambitions. Ethnicity… – all these information are labels that explain our current experience. In a way, they shape who we physically are, as a person, as an Ego. But, they are changeable facts. They are changeable Truths. Just like everything else in our Physical realm, time and other factors will modify these ‘labels’ in a way or another.

So, there are 2 kinds of Truths :

The First, is the one which is changeable. A truth which Is, at this present moment, but which will change at one point or another.

Imagine a plastic bottle. We can hold it. Yes, fact is, it is a plastic bottle. Let’s say, now, I burn this bottle. It burns. It changes. It’s physical constituents modify. It is not a bottle anymore. What used to be a fact, Truth, is not anymore. Same applies for our body (and any other physical things). We are born babies. Our body developed. We Changed. What we used to be, is not anymore.

Now, let’s delve into the Eternal, Unchangeable, all-pervading Truth.

Well, my friend. The Ultimate Truth is.. –

-Transformation. Change-

It is the only constant. The only Truth that will never change/ will always remain. The only Truth that happens in all Time, All Realities and that Governs all of Existence. This Truth is Transformation ! Everything is constantly changing, re-shaping itself.

So, instead of fighting of change, let’s flow with it. The best way to Live Life is to Embrace and Live with our Nature, Essence, Truth – Transformation, Change in whichever way it impacts us.

Energy Tests

Chakra Test :

Our energy centers impacts us physically, emotionally, spiritually. By knowing/feeling our dominance or blockages, we are able to see where we may be over-active or under-active. There are many ways to get back in optimal balance, which will be shared 🙂

A simple way to know if we are balanced energetically :

Root – Muladhara : Survival, Protection, Grounding – Do you Feel/Live with Safe, Grounded, Present healing/empowering attributes and believe in what is to come (personally and collectively)? Do you Feel Grounded, Secure, Protected?

Sacral – Svaddhistana : Creativity, Sexuality, Emotions – Do you Feel/Live with Creative, Sexual, Emotional healing/empowering attributes and express them in balanced ways? Do you Feel Sensual, Creative, Sexual, Emotional?

Solar Plexus – Manipura : Personal Power, Digestive Process – Do you Feel/Live Life with Confidence, Acting based on Love instead of Fear? Do you Feel COnfident and Protected?

Heart – Anahata – Love, Empathy, Relationships : Do you Live/Feel Love, through your inner world (self), and, through the outside World (nature, humans, relations,..)? Do you Feel your Heart is Opened to Life, relations, All?

Throat – Vishudda – Communication, Self-Expression : Do you Express what you have on your mind/heart, superficial or Deep? How do people usually react when you express through voice? What do you Feel do you radiate when you speak?

Third Eye – Ajna – Perception, Higher Truths, Realizations, Spiritual Understanding : Do you Feel that you have many answers to your Life/Spiritual questions? Can you visualize yourself in the best possible future? Can you visualize mandalas, energetic symbols when your eyes are closed? Are you intuitive and follow your intuition?

Crown – Sahasrara – Spirituality, Connection to Divine : Do you Feel your Spirituality is healing/empowering you? Do you Feel connected to the Stars, ask yourself spiritual questions about Life, Death, Purposes, etc ?

Depending on your answers, you personally know if you are over-active, under-active, or balanced !

How to Balance :

Through meditations, movements and intentions, we can naturally unblock, enhance all aspects of our Energy.

This link to these.

Qi Test – Our Qi, Life-Energy is essential for well-being and Life. When it is balanced, we are able to Be, Live our True Self. Testing our Qi is a good way to know where we can heal & empower ourselves further.

Do you Feel (physically, emotionally, spiritually) :

  • Free from Pain ———- Full of Pain
  • Productive & motivated ———– Unproductive & Demotivated
  • Energetic and Active ——– Lacking Energy and Activity
  • Happy, peaceful, joyful, content – Open-Heart —– Sad, depressed, miserable – Closed-Heart
  • Normal body temperature ——– Shifting, Extremes Body Temperature
  • Pink tongue, white sclera (surrounding iris) ——- Odd tongue color, eyes
  • Optimal Breath (smooth, flowy, deep) ——– Shallow, Blocked Breath
  • Good stamina, endurance ——- Easily Tired
  • Creative and Imaginative ——– Lack of Imagination or Creativity
  • Humorous, open to laughs – Being able to Laugh and make Laugh —– Blocked, Rejecting Laughs and Jovial situations
  • Curious, interested in All ——– Disinterest in Life
  • Normal Heart rate, Easy and Good sleep & well-rested —— Varying Heart Rate, Hard to Sleep and un-rested after it.

This list goes from (100% Optimal Balance —– % anywhere in between—– Poor Balance 0% ) Calculate yourself, and from there, know where you can improve the areas of your Life.

How to Balance :

Ayurveda & Elements – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual.

We all have different elements within us. These impact our body, emotions and spirituality, which are linked to our reactions, how we handle situations, how we View, Feel and Live our Life.

DoshaPrimary Elements
VataAir + Ether
PittaFire + Water
KaphaWater + Earth

Balance – Vata

Balanced : Feeling confident, ready, energetic, sociable, humble

When out of balance, vata tends to cause fear, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, and easy exhaustion. It can lead to both physical, emotional and energetic depletion, disrupt expression through communication, and cause all sorts of abnormal movements in the body, such as tics, tremors, and muscle spasms.

Balance – Pitta

Balanced : Smooth, controlled, aware and ideal reactions to Life situations.

imbalanced : pitta causes fiery, fast-reactive emotions such as frustration, anger, jealously, and criticism. Imbalanced pitta is often the root of inflammatory disorders throughout body.

Balance – Kapha

Balanced : Balanced, Controlled thoughts and emotions. Adaptable to extreme, any situations.

Imbalanced : kapha triggers emotions of attachment, greed, and possessiveness and can also create stubbornness, lethargy, and resistance to change & transformation. Physically, kapha leads to stagnation and congestion in organs and tissues throughout our body—including our emotions, thoughts and mind.

VataDry, Light, Cold, Rough, Subtle, Mobile, Clear
PittaHot, Sharp, Light, Liquid, Spreading, Oily
KaphaHeavy, Slow, Cool, Oily, Smooth, Dense, Soft, Stable, Gross, Cloudy (Sticky)

How to Balance :

Cosmic Influences – Astrology :

Life on Palms :

Interpret, Feel your Life by focusing intuition on palm marks.

Dreams & Symbols : Dreaming is one of our Spirit as well as our subconscious way of communication. Every sign, situation, experiences in our dreams have meaning and symbolism. Only the dreamer can Truly decipher it’s messages. Although many symbols can be interpreted generally !


Deep questions can make us Realize deep subconscious thoughts, and bring them to Reality. Ask Yourself – and – others you want to connect with.

*What are you Most Passionate about?

*How would you Describe yourself?

*What do you wish to do before your time is up in this Life?

*What is your biggest accomplishment?

*What fact about you surprises people the most?

*One of the Greatest lesson you have learned?

*Best advice you could give me?

*What do you think people take for granted the most?

*When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

*What skill or talent do you wish you had or were better at?

*What is your favorite Feeling/Emotion? Why?

*Who do you want to be?

*What is you Ideal Life?

*What are you the most Grateful of? Why?

*What would you change in yourself? Why?

*What would you change in this World? Why?

*Which countries do you want to visit? Why?

*Where is your favorite place on Earth? Why?

*How is your Family?

*What can you Teach the best?

*Make me Feel one of your best Life Memories.

*If you knew you were going to succeed at whatever you did, what would you do? Why?

*If you had 1 billion in your bank, what would you do? Why?

*What do you think about mostly? Why?

*What is your favorite book/movie? Why?

*Are there any questions you wish you had the answer to?

*What do you think about Life?

*What do you think is your Purpose in Life?

*What do you think is the Purpose of Life?

*What is the most precious thing for you? What do you treasure the most?

*If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

*What are your strengths?

*What are your weaknesses?

*If you had one wish right now, what would it be? Why?

*What does the World wants/needs that my Talent/Passion can provide?

*If you could be reincarnated, where, when, which situation, for which purpose, why?

*What can you do to make our World a greater place?

*What, How could someone benefit from being a relationship with you?

*How am I a good person?

*Where do you find/feel Beauty, Joy, Love? What makes you laugh?

*What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?

*If you could travel space & time – when, where and why?

*If you could choose any superpower, which would you want to have?

*One advice/wisdom you could tell your younger self?

*If you could witness any event – past/present/future – which would it be?

*Your dream job?

*What would you name the Autobiography of your Life?

*If you could incarnate as any animal, which?

*What do you miss about being a kid?

*One thing you want to do that you have never done before?

*What is your greatest Fear? Your Greatest Source of Love?

*One thing that happened recently that you are Grateful for?

*If a genie could grant you three wishes right now, what would they be?

*The craziest/most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

*Your Life story in a minute?

*Your biggest goals for this year?

*Your three favorite topics to talk about?

*Who is the person that inspires you the most?

*How do you like to get comforted when upset?

*In 10 years, how would you want your Life to be like?

*If you had a million to give to any cause, which and why?

*If you had more time and energy, what would you do? and why?

*How would your younger self react to who you are now?

*If you knew you had 24 hours to Live, what wold you do?

*If you had to change your name, which would you replace it with?

*What do you think is the most healing and empowering belief to have?

*If you could pick one year of your Life to Live again, which and why?

*If a crystal ball could tell you one Truth, what would be your question?

*What are your thoughts about having a family?

*How do you want to be remembered?

*When was the last time you truly went out of your comfort zone? What was the situation?

*The last time you cried? Why?

*What is Essential?

*What am I capable of?

*What does Life mean to Me?

*What do I want from our World?

*What does our World want from Me?

*What can we Create Together?

*What do I want to change in my Life?

*What do I want to Attract?

*What fears/blockages can I overcome?

*What can I share to help our World/ another?

*What Ideas do I want to become Reality?

*What is my Heart telling me to do?

Favorite color :

Symbolizes :

either the Energy you Emanate unto our World

or the Energy you Need from our World








Light Blue

Dark Blue



Your three favorite Animals?

First : Symbolizes You

Second : Symbolizes your Ideal Partner

Third : Symbolizes the energy you get inspiration from/ the energy you need in order to feel more Complete.