Water. Such a basic, yet fundamental and intriguing element. Since the dawn of times, many civilizations, humans, prayed and expressed their gratitude for this Source of Life. Nowadays, with modern and easy access to water, many of us are taking for granted this precious Life-energy . Although most of us lost our connection with it, Water remains a vital constituent for all Life on Earth. The intention of this article is to make us Realize the Magic of Water – it’s ability to copy, reflect, transmute vibrations – the capability to either Heal, or harm us.

Water’s chemical formula is H2O – it’s molecules contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, connected by covalent bonds. 

Thanks to modern technology, and multiple scientific researches, we can now look into water molecules with precision (check scientist Masaru Emoto’s work) and see how vibrations affect it’s structure and energy form.

Yes ! Hertz, frequencies, vibrations, thoughts, intentions, electricity, magnetism, influences water – therefore, us, living beings as well as our environment.

Dr. Emoto developed a technique using an advanced microscope, with high-speed photography, to capture newly formed crystals of frozen water samples (that he collected from different sources, such as tap water, waterfalls, energetic/polluted rivers, … from around Earth). The results show that water express the ‘state’ the water is in through it’s shape, color,…

The results of this research implicates a new awareness about our Life and Environment’s essence, constitution, and how we can impact our Inner & Outer World by various means such as intention, prayers, music,..

Ceremony to Bless Water, Peru


Water Crystals

Power of Sounds, Music :

Here, Humans, scientists, have placed Music speakers around Jar containing Water. Depending on the sound frequency, vibration, the shape, structure transformed.

Sounds : Air on G String, Bach
Sounds : Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky

Power of Prayer :

Here, Humans, Monks, Scientists,.. collected water from Dams and polluted places, then sang prayers to the water. The frequency, vibrations of these prayers affected the water structure and made it healing, empowering, beautiful.

Water from Fujiwara Dam, Before prayer
After prayer, Fujiwara Dam Water

Power of Words & Intentions :

Here, Humans have expressed words and intentions to water, then captured it’s molecular shape.

Love & Gratitude
”I can’t do it”

Power of Photographs:

Here, scientists have pasted a photograph onto a jar containing water. – amazingly enough, the water was ”intelligent” and transformed itself depending on the atomic vibration of the photographs.

Photograph : Egyptian Pyramids
Photograph : Dolphin

So, how can we use this knowledge to Heal, Empower Ourselves?

Each time we are about to drink water, let’s express our gratitude, through words, sounds, intentions. Let’s say Thank you to our Water ! Let’s drink water which is Pure, let’s play music to Water,.. – the options are endless.

Various Interesting facts about Water :

  • Water likely exists in abundance in other galaxies, too, because both its components, Oxygen and Hydrogen, are among the most abundant elements in our universe.
  • Water constantly arrives on Earth from distant reaches of our Universe.
  • Hydrogen is one of the basic building material in our Universe.
  • Oxygen is created by nuclear reactions in Stars.
  • There is a development of a technology that exposes water to 1,100kHz of ultrasound, creating tiny air bubbles that decompose dioxin and other deadly toxins when they burst.
Water Documentary

Nature Wisdom : Water

The most common substance on Earth is also the most miraculous. Although simple at first sight, it’s properties and capabilities are deeply balanced and spiritual. Water gives Life. Water nourishes Life. Water destroys Lives. Water Transforms Lives. Water is abundant throughout our Universe and can hold infinite structures, while always remaining Pure in it’s Essence.

Water Adapts, Transforms itself while remaining Pure : Water is constantly transforming, changing. Depending on the temperature, it’s state transforms – liquid, gas or solid. It takes the shape of whatever it’s recipient (teapot, jar, ..); and takes various forms on Earth: Clouds, Oceans, Icebergs, Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers, and Aquifers in the ground – while, always remaining pure to itself. Water’s ability to adapt and change make it’s essence immortal – As Life is an Eternal Flow of Change & Transformation, let’s be like Water, let’s stay True to our Essence, while being able to adapt to Life’s continuum of change.

Harmony of Duality – Life, Death , Balance : Just like it can bring Life, Water can bring death. When it Flows with Love, Water nourishes and allows Life to thrive. Opposingly, Water can cause floods. Storms. Hurricanes. Whilst most of us deem these as fatalities, the deeper meaning behind these can be Nature’s way of regenerating itself, and reminding us that we are part of her, and if we destroy her, we destroy ourselves. By annihilating villages and living spaces, Water creates space for new growth, for the natural kingdom to take back it’s place. She reminds us that she precedes us. There is no Human Life without her. Let’s Realize, Protect & Respect the Wisdom of Nature & Water, for, they are our Life givers. – Like Water, let’s Share our virtues with our World and surroundings. Like Water, when things come out of balance, let’s destroy old ways in order to create space for harmonious ways to Be.

Water is Wise & Humble : Tasteless and odorless, Transparent to us, it is one of the softest elements yet the most powerful. Even with it’s Healing, Destroying, Life-Giving Forces, Water remains Humble. Just like Water, all of us have within the powers to Heal, to Kill, to Give-Life, to wound it. Let’s use these gifts wisely, harmoniously and for the benefit of All Lives.

Fluidity: Life, just like water, is fluid. We are in constant flow on a continuum of time — from experience to experience. If stagnant, Water welcomes other particles, bacterias to develop in it, for great or ill. Just like Water, Life must flow too, in whichever way that resonates within our unique Being – so that us too, can keep our Essence and Purpose to unfold.

It always finds, creates a way : Whenever obstacles are on it’s Path, Water finds/creates a way to keep itself Flowing, Alive — it may cut through, go around, overflow, change form – Like water, let’s Realize that there a thousand ways to achieve our greatest ambitions, dreams, Purpose. And for those times when we see no way, let’s use our gifts of Imagination and Creation, to generate one.

Stillness , Depth & Clarity : Only when the wind and waves (inner thoughts & outside sensations) subside, does the surface becomes a mirror and the depths become visible. Just like water, we too can deepen our insight only when we shift into silence and stillness.  Some parts of the Ocean are wild and chaotic, while other parts are calm and silent – yet, their depth can be profound beyond comprehension. Silent, Unseen Deepness symbolizes the profoundness of Wisdom that each and all of us can find, feel, connect with, within us. This is a call to sit in silence, and go within ourselves – for, the depths of a rumbling mind can be unraveled only in stillness. Our mind is a vast ocean of thoughts and emotions. To Feel and Realize our own Truth, the Ultimate way is to simply Be. Stillness enables us to quietly perceive signals drowned out by the day to day noise of our lives. Essentials that were hidden in plain sight are now revealed.

All is One. When rain occurs, every raindrop seems to be separate from each other. But, the moment a droplet hits the surface of the ocean, its temporary boundaries dissolve – the drop becomes once again one with itself. It loses its illusory individuality, returning to the source from which it originated from. Each and all of us are a Unique Expression of that One Great Consciousness although, physically, we are in this illusion of separation. As beautiful as this dream may be, one day, we too, will dissolve, and once again re-connect with our Infinite Source. So, my Friend, let your brief time here be worthy of that Oneness Consciousness that you are a part of. Let your life be a breathtaking expression of the Infinite. 

Life is ever Transforming. Resisting to these changes will only bring more Chaos. So, let’s Flow with Truth, Let’s allow ourselves to adapt, yet, remain Pure in our Essence. As we are all Unique, yet Interconnected, let’s Live with our Hearts wide open, and Trust the gift of Life.

More experiences where vibrations affect our World :

Cymatics :

I am currently gathering more information on Water. Please share with us your thoughts, knowledge on Life ! eneraum@gmail.com

Hugs hugs

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