Energy Healing

Here, we will delve into the Realm of Energy Healing.

Since Ancient Times, Humans have developed natural, ritualistic, intuitive, psychic, shamanic ways of Healing. Nowadays, we can see a surge of Ancient Healing modalities being brought back up and practiced by thousands of People throughout our World – with of course – thousands -if not- millions of cases where Healing took place, and the ill person is now Living in Harmony and Wellness.

Our Body, Mind & Spirit are more powerful than we can imagine. We have the ability of self-healing (think of any scars we ever had !) and have the powers to enhance this healing through various practices.

 There are many kinds and ways of Healing in this World, and simply by Healing one aspect of ourselves, we Heal All, through the raise of  Oneness Vibration (Inter-connectedness of all Things).

Thanks to modern technologies, we can now have a clearer and scientific approach on how Alternative Healing works; on a quantum, and subtle level.

Here are some Healing fundamentals :

-Energy follows thought.

-The principles of resonance and entrainment cause the area being Healed to change (heighten or lower) it’s vibration.

-Our Body and Energy have a natural intelligence to heal.

-Breathing amplifies Life-Force, as well as the energy amount one can take.

-Synergy is the effect of multiple healers working together. It can be beyond powerful.

-Healing can be done from a distance, instantaneously.

-Energy, is instantaneous. Infinitely faster than the speed of Light.

-Connecting with Higher Healing Entities can help in ways beyond comprehension.

-Intention transcends current emotional state.

-Realizing the Belief that miracles can happen, opens consciously and subconsciously windows for miracles to actually happen.

Since a few years now, I have been ‘’raising the vibrations’’ of friends, family members, and strangers.

I call myself a Healer -and I am -, but truly, for this instance, the sick person is their own Healer. We all are Healers.

Intentions, Visualizations, specific Breathing techniques and a Belief in oneself as Infinite and Connected to All – are keys to raise the vibration of ourselves, a place or another Living Being.

The techniques I use always differ depending the Being that feels like having their vibration raised.

Firstly, what I do, is create a space where the vibration is already high. I often use crystals and plants to form a grid and intentionally and energetically create a bubble of all colors of the spectrum, and call in Pure High energy to always cleanse and fill the bubble. Calling on elements, colors, nature spirits, and using my electro-magnetism (mostly Heart) and the principle of entrainment in order to raise the vibration of the person being Healed.

In order to always feel Energetic, I focus on myself first – I meditate and open myself to Universal Energies, all Colors, Elements – Earth Water Air Fire Spirit -, sometimes I ask for healing help (any healing entities, such as angels, to help me if they are willing too).

Then, I meditate, with the Being, we set our intentions and do visualizations and breathing techniques to calm and re-balance our bodies.

Then, I will lightly hypnotize by suggesting Being energizing and re-balancing affirmations, such as :

‘’From now on, each breath that you take, you will feel a sensation of wellness flowing through your body. And, as this sensation flows through you, you will feel your Energy Being opening and receiving Life-Force Energy. And, as you Feel this Energy entering you, you will consciously and subconsciously re-balance all aspects of yourself, from your body, to your emotions. As you re-balance yourself, you will go deeper and deeper into a state of energetic bliss.’’

Once I intuitively know that it is time, – depending on Being – I will either massage physically, or, touch them lightly with the intentions of creating a a energetic space of all colors, of pure energy, so that – if they are opened to receiving energy – they will receive, rejuvenate and balance themselves.

Basically, as breathing is a key to remaining energetic, I always breathe the way that feels the best for me – find your best way ! – while visualizing the Universe’s energy to flow through me, and from there, I create a force energetic field for the Being that wants their vibration raised. Only – and only if – the Being is opened to  receiving Energy, will they heal Themselves.

Sometimes, whether consciously or unconsciously, a person may not be ready to be Healed, there may be some emotional lessons they need to learn/understand/accept – or – there may be other factors beyond human comprehension.

Mudras can also be an energy amplifier. By positioning our hands and fingers in various ways, the energy we attract and give can be amplified greatly.

E.g : Prana Mudra : Position your index and middle fingers in a straight way, and fold your ring and pinky fingers, with your thumb maintaining them in a folded position. Now, bend your both elbows, parallel to each other, and hands pointing towards the sky. Feel the rush of Energy flowing through your fingers.

If you Feel that these techniques are not fitted for you (for whichever reasons) but that you still would love to raise the vibration of places or people, here is a list of various techniques to raise vibrations.

Ancient & Modern Healing

Pranic Healing : Circulation of Life Force (Prana) throughout Human Energy . It cleanses and energizes the practitioner/patient.

Physical Healing (Movement, Thai/Vedic Massage)

Paida Lajin : Slapping & Stretching numerous parts of our body in order to unblock blockages (physical and Meridians) and stimulate blood detox and Qi flow.

Flower Healing – Plants, Flowers, live and emanate vibrations that can Heal all aspects of Self. Through their scents, their beauty, or simply their molecular and atomic structure. Connecting with them, whether by smelling, seeing, feeling, ingesting, making essences, are proven to be affecting us for Greatness.

Bach Flower Remedies is creating Essences liquid containing flower and plant material vibrations to rebalance our body and mind.

Crystal Therapy : Harmonizing a person’s energy field thanks to the unique and powerful vibrations of crystals.

Holotropic Breathwork : Breathing techniques to balance mind (conscious & subconscious) body (calibrates breathing and lungs pattern) and spirit.

Hypnotherapy : Helping for the re-conditioning of various levels of our minds.

Mantra Energy & Emotional Healing

Om Mani Padme Hum

NLP : accesses brain and neural network to bring on life-enhancing thoughts, beliefs and patterns.


Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine which has at it’s core the principle that what causes a disease, in a atomically small version, has the potential to cure it too – (similia similibus curentur).

Hado Medicine : “Hado is the intrinsic vibratory pattern at the atomic level in all matter, the smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness” – Masaru Emoto

Quantum Physics Science teaches us that all matter is vibrating. Words, Music, Pictures, Colors, Thoughts, Emotions and Prayer create vibration. By linking all these healing vibrations, to Water, and drinking it, we can raise our vibration, thus allow healing to take place.

Jin Shin Jyutsu : Energy Healing involving deep breathing and specific hands placement on the body.

Matrix Energetics : Healing energy work done through quantum healing frequencies.

Reiki : Universal Energy transferred through a practitioner’s hands, thanks to visualizations, intentions, masters and symbols. It can help enhance or re-balance one’s energetic, physical or emotional self.

Quantum Touch : Hands on Healing system that uses Life Energy to balance and enhance all aspects of oneself and others.

Tai Chi Chuan : Internal Martial Arts. Uses various movements and visualizations to work on meridians and spiritual self.

Trigger Point Therapy : Compression of hyper-irritable spots in the skeletal and muscle systems which are linked to nodules that causes energetic blockages

Visualization : Use of Visualization and intentions to enhance Energy flow throughout one’s Being

Yoga/Pilates : Stretching and movements, as well as breathing techniques and visualization, intentions, mindfulness techniques, way of Life ; to align, re-balance and strenghten our physical and energetic bodies.

 Zero-Balancing : Re-connection through touch form known as ‘’interface’’ to reconnect our energy body and our physical structure.

Touch and Breathe (TAB) / Thought Field Therapy (TFT) : while touching specific acupoints, the patient takes a full breath cycle.

Accupressure : Applying pressure to acupoints.

Acutonics : Healing system that uses sounds and vibrations to attune one’s human field to it’s optimal health. It includes and not limited to the application of specialized tuning forks on meridian points.

Aromatherapy : Use of aromas or scents to bring on different states of feelings.

Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping : Combined principles of Ancient Meridians Knowledge (acupressure points) with Modern Psychology. We use our fingertips to tap specific body points while reliving experiences and sensations that we link with pain, thus rewiring our brain to respond in healthier ways, moving the energy for it to pass through and get released out of us.

  1. Being aware of where our physical/mental pain is felt. Rate it 1 to 10.
  2. Acknowledge that pain.
  3. Tapping the 6-11 different energy points while expressing out loud our fears, blockages. undesired sensations.
  4. Then, expressing out loud positive affirmations and rewiring our brain for optimal response.

Bio-environmental medicine : Changing one’s internal body environment, through bacterias, probiotics, in order to alter and enhance the physical body systems.

Biogeometry : Use of Sacred geometry,sounds, colors in order to rebalance internal or external environment.

Bowen Method : Specific touches on key fascia points to stimulate blood & energy flow.

Family constellation work : erasing or modifying cross-generational patterns that some of us inherit through unseen energies and DNA.

Herbalism : Uses of herbs and plants – whether in their natural state, or prepared – in order to perform healing.

Panchakarma : Purification system used in Ayurveda.

QiGong : -specifically – Organs Sounds Meditation

Shamanism : healing or divinations done on various planes of Existence.

Tui Na : Massage process that relies on the acupuncture points. It Involves pushing and pulling Chi in certain areas of the body, aswell as physically stretching the musco-skeletal system to fix negative neuromuscular patterns, and to strip biochemicals irritants out of one’s body.

Personally, I have been inspired and learned a lot thanks to :

— the books :

Hands of light : A guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field (Barbara Ann Brennan)

Quantum Touch : The Power to Heal (Richard Gordon) – Best book about Energy and healing  I’ve read so far. Quantum Touch 2.0 : The New Human is the continuation, amazing, full of knowledge too.

Hypnotherapy  (Dave Elman)

The Subtle Body : an Encyclopedia of your Energetic Anatomy(Cindy Dale)

The Hidden Messages in Water (Masaru Emoto)

— various reliable, alternative websites and articles that can be found on the internet (such as, Collective Evolution,..)

— travels, cultural curiosity and Beings I met, talked and connected deeply with.

— The Academy where I got my Anatomy and Physiology diplomas,

— The School where I was taught the Yogic way of Life,

— my Intuition and Energy,

— a special and powerful Being to me, which I consider as my Spiritual Mentor.

I recommend everyone that is truly interested in Healing (whichever kind it is) to do and Feel what feels right, and good for them.

 Firstly, how do we define disease, illness? As everything physical vibrates, diseases and illnesses do, to. Put simply, a disease is a low-vibration physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual state.

By raising the vibration of that area -in any way- (atomically, thus energetically) it can enhance and bring on wellness.

Energy healing is a holistic way that balances the body’s subtle energy systems to remove energetic blockages. The body’s inherent ability to heal itself is then enhanced.

I am currently gathering more knowledge and info about Healing.

Please share with us your thoughts and knowings 🙂

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