Super Humans

Humans. Who are We ? What are We ? What are our capabilities and what are our limitations?

In many cultures throughout our World, Humans have used meditations techniques, visualizations, breathing techniques and practiced strengthening movements in order to enhance their innate power, whether it be physical or psychic.

Thanks to modern science, we can now measure human capabilities that go beyond the norm. Here, we share some ”Super humans” that reminds and proves us that our Human limits and potential are yet to be defined.

Cognitive Performance – Mind.

Physical Performance – Body.

Other Abilities.

Wim Hof / Iceman

Power : Ability to Control body temperature, even in extremes. Learned. Ability to get rid of inflammation, and to increase immune response as well as release of specific hormones.

Amazing feat : Climbed above the dead zone of Everest in shorts and sandals.

Stephen Wiltshire

Power : Human Memory and Camera – Genetic – Stephen has the ability to view something once (for example the landscape of a city) and recreate the entire , detailed scenery/thing on a drawing.

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